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Ellen got married!

OH NO! Ellen DeGeneres got married to Portia! Tatiana is going to griev and wear black for a whole week! Ellen was supposed to be with Tatiana, HELLOOOOO!!!
Tatiana loooooves Ellen, she is funny (just like Tatiana), she wants to live on a farm someday and take care of every animal that needs taking care of (just like Tatiana), she likes to dance (just like Tatiana). So many things in common!
Tatiana thinks her and Ellen would make a great couple! Now she needs to come up with a plan so Ellen dumps Portia. Though Portia was Tatiana's favorite on Ally McBeal......
Next time Tatiana goes to Los Angeles she needs to make sure she runs in to Ellen and then Ellen will fall in love with and marry Tatiana.
On a serious note though......Tatiana is happy for Ellen and Portia. They are cute.
But Tatiana and Ellen would be better together, Ellen just doesn't know it, yet.......

Russian Dolls

Stayed in and watched a movie tonight, a movie that inspired me to come up with a blog. I really like foreign movies, yes they are subtitled, even better. So this one is called Russian Dolls and is a sequel to L'Auberge Espagnole . It's about a guy and his search for and encounters with women. So at the end he sits down and reflects over these encounters and he writes (this could also be a woman writing because it is fitting for both women and men). "If I think about all the girls I've known, slept with or just desired, they are like a bunch of Russian Dolls,. We spend our lives playing the game, dying to know who'll be the last, the teeny-tine one hidden inside all the others.
You can't get to her right away. You have to open them one by one, wondering, "Is she the last?"
It's kind of like that, isn't it? This love thing. Looking for it, having it, think you are having it, crying over it, obsessing over it, loosing it. Some people find their mate early on, get married........and are happy? Truthfully happy or keeping up a facade? Of course there are plenty of happy married people. But.....
I had a long conversation with a man last week that had been married for 20 years, whereas 12 of the last have been sex-less. He wished it could be different. Never cheated, didn't dare to. Can't divorce her because she will end up with half or more of all that he has worked for. I suggested that he would have an honest talk with the wife where he would explain how he feels and tell her that he will find other sex partners but still be married to her, he told me she would never understand. It was sad. I am sure she has her own version of the story but is just seemed sad.
Is this life? Love? I am sure it can happen to the happiest of couples. My latest book is
I don't: A contrarian history of marriage by Susan Squire. Goes into detail about the history of women and marriage. Oh dear.........Not a pretty story, the history of marriage is not like a Hollywood romance.
I am for relationships but I don't think that marriage is my cup of tea. But life is, oh so unpredictable, I might one day reflect back at this blog a married woman. Hopefully, truthfully happy with my choice.
I am about to watch another movie now, an Indian movie and eat some chocolate.
If you are planning on proposing to Tatiana, remember, she does NOT want a diamond ring!


Friendship......what a beautiful thing it is......
I have some friends and I care deeply for them and I am loyal and thoughtful.......
I hope. Many people have been in and out of my life, the ones that are still there are the ones that managed to be a friend back. Giving and receiving in one of the keys in a friendship. Have you ever heard the expression that friends are he family we choose? That's what I believe. I will be your best friend but if you start acting bad I will eventually have to end the friendship, probably a bit reluctantly in the beginning. I form attachments to my friends but once I realize it is done, then it's done. I am very forgiving and understanding - to a certain point.
So what made me start writing a blog about friendship? Not sure, maybe because I am in Alaska, far away from majority of my friends and I miss them.
But my best friend Chhaya is here and she is the cutest, cuddliest friend I could ever ask for. She is my precious angel.
Read in the paper today about a woman that had her beloved late pitbull successfully cloned. It resulted in 5 healthy puppies. She loved this dog so much and formed a very special bond with him after he saved he life.
Well, I am not working tonight, staying in watching movies. Nice.

Mamma Mia

So I went to see ABBA the movie/musical. I have seen the show before in London, Las Vegas and New York. I know, I know, Tatiana is so well traveled.....what else is she supposed to do with all her millions? Save? Bah!
So you all should know that I looooveeeee ABBA. While growing up I pretended to be either Agnetha or Anni-Fried, singing into the handle of a jumping rope like most Swedish girls.
I really liked the movie, teared up many times. But I do think that they should had tried to find a Swedish girl to play the lead instead of Amanda Seyfried, which could totally pass for Swedish and is super beautiful and fresh....but still.
ABBA made the best songs seriously, the lyrics are so good, I love ABBA.
After seeing the movie I decided I need to go to Sweden next summer because I haven't been there for too long now. Need to visit Mom and friends and have many lattes and pastries in the quaint coffee shops in Gamla Stan which is the Old Town part of Stockholm, very nice.
I miss Sweden now........ :-(