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So what else do you do?

What else do you do, is a question I hear a lot in the club.......Like being at The Bush/Sapphires/Flashdancers etc is not a "valid" thing. I mean, there must be something else I do right? Besides from just being a "dancer".
So let me inform everybody about what Tatiana does........
Like today for example! Perfect example of a typical Tatiana day! Tatiana met up with Kennedy, they were both craving Indian food badly and went to this Indian place they recently discovered and satisfied their hunger. Afterwards they really wanted to burn off some calories, so they decided to go back to Tatiana's place and have a sweaty and g-string clad only, pillow fight. Tatiana decided on wearing her pink itsy bitsy g string and Kennedy had on her black super small, barely covering her privates one.
Nothing else! The pillow fight was long, sometimes mildly violent, a hair pulling cat fight, very sexually loaded. Kennedy suffocated Tatiana with her big, bouncy, beautiful double D's. Afterwards they were laying around and watching VH1's "Rich and Famous" and talked about what they were going to do with all the thousands of millions they make weekly. Then they took a shower, together of course! They soaped each other up and had tons of fun shaving each other.......YOU should had been there! Kennedy had to leave after the shower and Tatiana is feeling totally excited now and CAN'T wait to go in to work tonight to give some super sexy lap dances! Wow, these guys don't know what they have coming yet!
Yeah, Tatiana spends her days pillow fighting with her hot co workers, sometimes they have cat fights (because you all know how women are, we all hate each other), filing and painting her nails, obsessing over her hair, making spa appointments, going on shopping sprees at Nordstom and the daily trip to Starbucks. That's Tatiana's exciting and wonderful!
Hopefully you detected the sarcasm in this..........?
So what else do I do? Besides work between 3-6 evenings/nights a week? Sleep. Eat. Clean. Put gas in my car. Fret over bills. Walk my dog. Read. Watch movies. Grocery shop. Shower. Run errands. Go to lunch, sometimes alone, sometimes not. Check my e mails. Talk to my friends. Go places. Spend time with friends. Plan for my next rave. Enjoy life. Enjoy being fabulous. Etc etc.......
Just like everybody else. I am totally "normal", I promise.
What else do YOU do?

Tatiana goes to court!

Back in April after a very heavy snowfall Tatianas car spun out and made a funny 360 and another driver hit her car. The confused police officer decided that it was Tatiana's fault and gave her a fine and some points on her license. Whatever! After some brainstorming Tatiana decided to utilize her rights and go and fight for her right not to pay any fine and not to get any points. I mean, come on! I wasn't Tatiana's fault that there was ice on the road!
So Tatiana was summoned to appear in court today. She wanted to make a total fashion statement so she wore her sexiest but yet innocent looking, stripper dress and lots of shiny lip gloss and some very long, seductive eyelashes. When the judge saw Tatiana and her flapping eyelashes he quickly dismissed the case and offered to take her on a vacation to Hawaii. Tatiana loves Hawaii and she is leaving next week for some fun in the sun! Yeay, it is great to be a girl!
Case dismissed!

Feeling blue.....kind of......

I've been feeling a little sad today, not sure why. Everything feels so boring and so meaningless and predictable. I have some things that I need to deal with asap but I have been ignoring certain issues for weeks now. I am really good at procrastinating sometimes (a lot) though I know it's bad. Baaaad!
I really need to make some phonecalls tomorrow. Don't know why that seems so difficult to do?
Maybe I need a personal coach that can get my stuff together for me when I need to? Tatiana is now taking applications, do YOU have what it takes to be her personal coach? Send her your resume!
Felt much better after I went for a long walk and jog with Chhaya. Now I am back home and thinking about ice cream though I already had a berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream today.
If you want to make Tatiana feel better, take her out for a vanilla latte and some pastries!
There's one thing I am looking forward to, the Mamma Mia movie/musical, playing now. Of course I love ABBA, I grew up singing their songs. Is there anyone from Sweden that doesn't love ABBA?
Ok, I still have to brush Chhayas teeth before I go to sleep.
And I got a new face cream today that I will try out tonight. Exciting right?

My day, today

Had a fun day today. Went Alaska sightseeing.....out to Hatcher Pass and Summit Lake and around that area. There's definitely more you can see in Alaska than Tatiana parading around at The Bush Company! Yes, really! For example, nature! Today I saw breathtaking landscape, lakes, beaver dams, a mad Alpaca, rainbows, rain and sunshine, a 72 year old English tourist that almost rolled down a hill with his car, the sun setting, what a day!
I do have a cold coming on though but that's ok. Kind of tired, it's late.

Need to mention that my latest song obsession is I kissed a girl by Katy Perry - CUTE!
Good Night!

The cutest couple..... the tabloids right now are Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson! Sam just took Lindsey on a shopping spree and gave her a Cartier Love bracelet.....awwwwww.....
I would take Sam in a heartbeat too! She is cute and she is a dj, what could be better? Lindsey is a lucky girl!
Actually I had a run in with Sam's brother Mark Ronson a few years back. That was when me and Julia would prowl around Crazy Horse Too as The Fargosisters. I think it was rather late and kind of empty in the club. Me and Julia were praying to the Baby Jesus that luck would change and we would run in to somebody that would donate some money to us in exchange for some prime Fargosisters grinding and funbag slapping.
Well indeed...there was Mark sitting by himself. He wanted to go in to the VIP. We had the best time with him and on top of being nice he is really, really cute! Me and Julia both wanted to marry him right then and there and though he probably wanted that too he was being very faithful and respectful to his girlfriend that was back in New York. I wonder if he is still with her? If not, I need!
Mark said he would always remember the time he spent with us because most of all it was FUN! As most experiences with The Fargosisters.
Me and Julia saved Marks plastic water bottle and empty pack of cigarettes as a memory of him.........

Forever Young

Mariah Carey says that she is eternally 12 and I have to say that I totally identify with that statement...... It really is about how young you feel. I still love pink, Hello Kitty, raves, mermaids and faeries and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
When I get myself involved with adult "responsibility" issues I usually regret it. Being all grown up and serious is just not me.
So in case you wonder I am between 12 and 20.

Saw a rainbow tonight

I was outside about one hour ago and sprawled across the sky was a big beautiful, colorful rainbow with another smaller one beside it. Breathtaking! Maybe it meant something special? I think it did. It had a positive message for me. I am feeling happy now though I felt a little sad throughout the day today.
My plans for next week are work a lot, have fun with Chhaya and go to the gym.

For those that have not noticed......Julia does not write on this blog anymore, she hasn't for a while. So all blogs are written by Tatiana unless it specifies something different.....

Ciao for now!

Recap of the rave.......

So exactly one week ago now I was dancing somewhere at the Coliseum in Los Angeles to some great HOUSE music. And now I am back in Anchorage....
I have rave depression.......meaning I want to be back in Rave Land - badly. :-(
EDC 2008 was fantastic, so many people were there, watch it on YouTube if you are curious.
And I put together a great outfit. About a month ago I tore out a page of some fashion mag that showed a really cute white top with a smiley face on it (Acid House style) from Miss Sixty, one of my fave stores. So when I arrived in LA I went to Miss Sixty and found that top, lucky!!! I paired it up with my Diesel jeans and a yellow, studded, thin belt I found at Stash in Vegas and some appropriate Hello Kitty decorations.
If I was in Vegas I would go to at least two more raves this summer. But since I am in Anchorage my next one will be Monster Massive, I will probably be back in Vegas by then....maybe.....
Rave depression is factual, I feel so sad that it is OVER, it should last at least two days - so people have enough.
I really want to go to Lighting In A Bottle and Burning Man too next year. And all my regular raves of course........ :-)