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Sex And The City

I made a friend at work, her name is Kennedy and she is very nice. Today we went and saw Sex And The City.
A while back, years ago, I had a little ritual for a while. Get the Sex episodes on dvd, sit at home with yummy food, curl up on a couch and marathon watch.
I liked the movie. It made me want to go back to New York City, and stay there for a while. Twice before I went to NY for work and it was great, just being there made me feel alive. That energy people mention when they talk about NY, it is real.
As far as the movie. I totally agree with the whole wedding hoopla scenario. I have never harbored a dream of that perfect day, with that perfect white dress, and that sparkling diamond ring. I don't think a wedding is necessary to have a committed relationship with somebody. I mean, how many guys do I meet at work with ring on their finger that would cheat on the drop of a hat. A few too many...... But maybe they have an open marriage? I don't know.
I'd rather go on a trip around the world with my guy, explore other countries and make beautiful memories. A diamond ring is just a waste of money and no real indication of true love. Women have been brain washed since a young age to buy into all of this, because it's all about spending, spending, spending.
Having somebody, a partner in life's ups and downs is a beautiful thing. But it is just as important to be happy and fulfilled alone. Alone is not negative. Great friends enrich life. All kinds of things do, like a dog (Chhaya). Finding that special someone is a bonus.

Went hiking

After waking up I decided I needed to go and be in nature today and breathe some fresh air. So me and Chhaya hiked up to flattop today, a mountain on the outskirts of Anchorage. The view was spectacular and it was a pretty intense hike that took my breath away a few times. Might do it again next week. I need to be outside, away from the city every so often so I can keep my sanity. There can only be so much of Bush Company noise I can take weekly.
That noise needs to be balanced out with peace and quiet and nature.
There are studies made that suggest (very accurately I, myself believe) that the growing disconnection between humans and nature is an increasingly serious social problem.
And from time to time I need my housemusic, otherwise I go totally crazy, dancing is my therapy.......

A little after midnight......

.....and it is still rather light outside. I love it, the looooong days are great and beautiful. I left work early tonight because it was boring and dragging on and when I drove home it was almost still daylight though it was 11 45 pm. It is awesome!
Good news for me, I got "promoted". Meaning I can come in at 6 pm now instead of 4 pm and that makes a huge difference because now I will have more time to actually do something in the daytime. Besides wake up, walk Chhaya, shave (sometimes, he he) and then grab something to eat on my way to work. It leaves me no time to breathe and relax with a schedule like that. So I am happy with the "promotion". LOL. Stripper promotion. What's next?
So I am just watching tv, just ate, will go to sleep soon. I will try to force myself to go jogging tomorrow because I feel a little chunky. I haven't been to the gym since I left Vegas. And as you should know by now, I do not believe in diets......I rather exercise.
Sooooo..........Good Night!



I got a plane ticket to LA beacuse I am going to one of my fave raves/parties later this month, Electric Daisy Carnival. I have been going for years and didn't want to miss out on a fabulous time. I NEED to show off my fabulous self also!
While in LA I will do some fun shopping at Melrose, Fred Segal and Kitson, they might have something I like. A quick stop in Vegas might happen too.
I am SO EXCITE over the rave! (Excite is pronounced Borat style btw).
If you are curious about Electric Daisy Carnival go to, enter and scroll down the page a little for 2007's party. There's even a pic of Tatiana (and Julia) inside the "Part Three: Night 01" folder. ENJOY!!!
Or to see the offical site of the party go to

On a totally different note....there was a really bad accident outside The Bush last night. A man got run over by a car. Critical condition, yes it was horrible. I really hope he will be ok, been thinking about him. :-(
Makes you stop and realize again, how fragile and precious life is. We/I tend to forget about that......

~ Many Tatiana hugs to all of you! ~