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Some random ramblings

So if you have been reading my blog you might remember that I mentioned that I worked with Daisy that was on "Rock Of Love 2" with Bret Michaels on VH1.
Well the show is over now and Bret had it down to Daisy and Ambre. I was totally hoping he would pick Daisy but he chose Ambre that I thought was rather nasty in many ways. I think he was intimidated in some ways by Daisy's hotness and her ex Charles. So now I hope Daisy will get her own show where she can pick in between a bunch of guys, she should also get her own Playboy spread. Of all the girls on that show she was the most fun and pleasing to watch. And I have seen her in person, she should definitely get Playboy, no airbrushing needed!

Besides some obsessive "Rock Of Love 2" watching I have been working and I went skiing in Alyeska, it was very, very good skiing! I might get in another skiing trip before the resort closes down for the season.

What else? Oh being just fabulous me.....things are going well.

More from Tatiana another day. Time to go and eat some pastries, need to keep my figure looking beautiful! :-)

Settled for now......

So it's been a few weeks now since I got to Anchorage......I found an ok place though I might look for another one, not sure yet, and I am settled for now. It is fun to be back at The Bush, things are basically the same there. I like it.
In the beginning it was kind of cold outside but it is warming up day by day. I hope to go skiing before Alyeska closes down for the season.
Not much to say since I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. Work, eat, sleep, read, tv, relax walk Chhaya etc etc. Nothing crazy has happened and that's a good thing.
Looking forward to a nice spring and even better summer!
~ Tatiana ~