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Hi from Tatiana the feminist

So Tatiana is still in Anchorage, feeling good and enjoying life. She will be returning to Vegas soon though for some much needed rest on her couch, watching movies and cuddling with Chhaya. The weather here is not icy cold and a constant blizzard contrary to many peoples beliefs. It is rather warm and sunny for the season. Very nice.

Tatiana got two new books yesterday. She saw a mentioning recently of Beautiful Boy by David Sheff in Playboy. Then the other day she heard an intervju on NPR with David and his son, Nic Sheff, that also wrote a book called Tweak . The interview was very interesting and Tatiana is reading both books simultaneously. In short it is about Nic and his experiences as a meth addict and his dads perspective as a father to an addicted child. These book are great, you should read them. Unfortunately or fortunately maybe, Tatiana has known and knows many people with these problems. Always interesting to get more insight.

So recently Tatiana read an article in Marie Claire called "Lessons In Love, The Millionaire Hunters". You can find the whole article here
This article really bugs Tatiana. It is about these women in Russia that shell out a lot of money to take courses in how to be more appealing and seductive to men. YUCK. The goal is to marry a wealthy man. Tatiana remembers seeing Russian women in the past, always in heels rain or shine, faces painted with makeup. Always.
So in these fabulous classes the women learn "Sexy Dance" (LOL, I mean come on), oral sex techniques and how to build their VAGINE muscles. And many other crucial life lessons. LOL.
Tatiana is thinking about starting her own school for these Russians. Sexy Dance class, easy, they can watch Tatiana, the best dancing is when the dancing is FUN. She will teach them how to walk in Swedish clogs and how to bang the clogs in the heads of sexist men. Make up and hair, sure that's ok but not all the time. Men that want women to look like that all the time are idiots. There will be lessons in how to keep your skin clear, beautiful and make up free.
Oral sex techniques? Just bite the penis off.......! VAGINE muscles, sure but for your own sake.
Stuff like this really annoys Tatiana. She wishes that these women could see their other options, she hopes they have other options. Like becoming successful and independent by themselves.
Yes, Tatiana is a stripper, why only Heaven knows because she should really be a feminist activist instead. But she works in the club at her own terms, doesn't do anything she doesn't feel ok with. On her days off she doesn't walk around trying to look good for men, talking in a way to make some man feel less threatened by her etc etc.
For the record Tatiana is Polish/ Swedish and proud. She was not raised to be subservient but to be equal and her own person and THAT my friends is more attractive than any of that other bs.
Bye for now!

Got over a cold

The other night Tatiana felt that a cold was coming on. Stuffy nose and hurting while swallowing, that kind of feeling. Not a good thing, she does not have the time for a cold.
So she decided to try Zicam for the first time and it worked! The cold is gone, at least it feels like it. Tatiana got the Zicam spray that you spray in your mouth and some swabs that you swab your nose with. Kind of funny actually. And she had two Airbornes and drank some vitamin C rich juice.
Next time you feel like a cold is about to explode inside of you, stop it with some Zicam and Airborne. Then you can come and thank Tatiana.

Meat recall

Have you heard about the meat recall in California? The largest in US history, 143 MILLION pounds recalled, meat unfit for human consumption. GROSS! Tatiana cannot view the videos on this, because they show animal abuse and she will cry and have bad thoughts.
Ok, maybe time to go vegetarian again. Tatiana does not eat a lot of meat anyways, but she cannot resist the delicious sausages at the Polish Deli in Vegas......Twice before she has been a vegetarian, both times it lasted well over a year. The reason is because she saw footage on how the animals are treated during their lifetime and right before slaughter. It is really disturbing. Tatiana has no need for meat really. She would rather hug a cow instead of eat one. Cows are really cute and sensitive.
Her friend Elaine in New York used to be a vegetarian but is now a vegan, you can read about her vegan experiences on her blog, look under Tatiana's links and you can click on Elaine's blog.
Tatiana recently read an article about people who are meat eaters, vegetarians or vegans that will not date somebody unless that person is "the same" as them.
Since food is such a large part of our daily life some people find it hard to spend time with a significant other unless sharing meals is an enjoyable experience instead of an annoying one.
Like if you are a vegan you might be repulsed if you bf or gf is chowing down on a juicy steak in front of you. Tatiana thinks that people that eat a lot of meat are probably more aggressive than the ones that eat a little or no meat. She read that somewhere, there might be some truth to that. if you need extra convincing to cut down on your meat consumption.


Tatiana is sending out many hugs to all her friends and fans.....! It is Valentines Day, hope you are all having a nice day!
So what is on Tatiana's agenda today? Well, she is back in Anchorage, she will be celebrating her Valentines Day at the World Famous Alaskan Bush Company. Even more so famous when Tatiana is there. So come in and see her!
Many XOXO's!

New hangout

Tatiana found a new place to hang out, an internet cafe. It is called Elysium Internet Cafe (love the name), it is open 24 hours so Tatiana can go there at 3 am and have a latte or a cherry smoothie and write blogs and watch YouTube videos. And it's only a short drive from her house.
Why would Tatiana not blog from home you are thinking now! Believe it or not, Tatiana does not have high speed internet at home, only dial up and she is rather impatient and it takes forever to do anything on her home computer. Not only that, the computer had a virus a while back and Tatiana is not very computer savvy, there's no sound and it is just annoying. All the neighbors have secure connections so there's no luck at picking up a signal.
The Elysium place is really cozy and they play good music there too, Tatiana loves it,
it reminds her of Europe.
Really Tatiana would like a laptop, something with a blue, purple or pink cover, hopefully one day soon......You can give her one, for Christmas maybe? :-)

What else? Anchorage, Alaska soon again. They NEED Tatiana there, she know it!

Oh, one more thing! A girl from Shotgun Willies in Denver is on Rock Of Love on VH1! Her name was Savannah at Shotguns, at the show her name is Daisy. It is fun to watch her, Tatiana hopes Bret Michael's picks her, they make a good couple! Check her out here.
Tatiana's plans for tomorrow night? Order in a large pizza and watch Rock Of Love.