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Michael Vicks pitbulls at Best Friends Animal Society!

22 of Michael Vicks pitbulls have been placed with Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, Tatiana happily learned today!!! They are called The Vicktory dogs. This is a NO KILL animal sanctuary and with time the pits will hopefully find loving homes. Tatiana would love to have one of these pits, a male companion for Chhaya but unfortunately the timing and the circumstances are not the best right now for taking in another dog.
She is positive that these BEAUTIFUL and SENSITIVE dogs will find homes with very good families that will treat them well and shower them with love.
Tatiana cried more than once over this situation with the pitbulls. How can anyone do this to an animal? Just being with Chhaya every day makes Tatiana totally convinced that Chhaya, and all other dogs, and all animals have a soul and they need to be treated with respect.
One day Tatiana dreams and hopes to be able to rescue and help animals in need.
And she also hopes that the general public in America will understand that the pitbull is a beautiful, loving dog. Yes, dogs sometimes bite, dogs of ALL breeds, there's usually a cause behind that, the dog will almost always show a warning first. It is the human that fails to understand the dogs language.
In a while Tatiana will curl up on the couch with a book and Chhaya curled up next to her. She is going to give Chhaya many kisses and tell her how special she is.
To read more about The Vicktory Dogs and view pictures, go to
Or watch this slide show


So are you going to vote this year?
Since Tatiana is a SWEDISH citizen she cannot partake in the voting later this year.
But she follows the political debates somewhat.
There's definitely a huge need of change in this country. Tatiana is more of a democrat than a republican. Not sure if she likes Obama or Clinton better. She needs to find out more about how they stand on specific issues. Really Tatiana is a communist or an anarchist. Or rather a humanist...... Well, maybe not a total full blown anarchist but she believes that every person should have enough food to eat every day and a safe place to call home. She is against huge gaps in society. If Tatiana won millions of dollars she couldn't be happy unless she could share that money with other people.
If you have been reading these blogs Tatiana also thinks that people should not have more children than they can care for. Actually there's no need for more than two children per family, unless certain conditions apply. If you cannot afford to feed yourself - do not have babies. If you have some kind of a serious drug or alcohol problem - tend to that first before you have babies.
Tatiana is also interested in women's issues, like their rights here at home and other parts of the world. Are they safe? Can they get an education? Genital mutilation? Forced to work in the sex slave industry? Do they have a voice?
Animal rights, also important for Tatiana.
She is against war. For education and understanding.
But really, what changes can we expect to see with a new president? Are they just making promises and talking to get the votes? Unfortunately the situation in politics seems to be a rather corrupt, dishonest one. We, the public, probably don't know about a lot of things that really happen. It is scary. We are kept like cattle, it is easier to watch Entertainment Tonight and Ugly Betty instead of staging a demonstration or a discussion over some unfair issues. The masses are asleep.
2012 is coming soon. The end of the Mayan calendar. This can mean nothing or it can mean a lot, like change. Hopefully a positive change for us humans. Maybe we can evolve to a higher consciousness. What do you think?
This subject is so vast and Tatiana is going to end it right here. But if you ever want to discuss some worldly issues, you know where you can find her!


Tatiana just wants to check in and let everybody know that she is good. She does not have much to write about at the moment but life is going smoothly.
She is probably returning to Anchorage sometimes in the near future. With CHHAYA this time! Yeay!
Stay tuned for more blogs and news from Tatiana.
Here's a recent picture of Miss Tatiana for everybody to admire and a pic beautiful Chhaya.

Some more opinions from Tatiana

So like Tatiana expected......Sapphire just sucks. There are way too many girls and the club keeps on hiring new ones, that just shows how much they care. And most of the girls that are there are trying to make money in ways that are disgusting. Tatiana thinks that they belong in a brothel, why can't they just go to one, they would probably make more money there.
So basically it is just gross.
What else......they picked the new Bond girl. Tatiana thinks it is a good choice. Her name is Olga Kurylenko and she is from Ukraine and beautiful.
In the January issue of Playboy there's an interview with Tina Fey and here's part of what she was saying "when I was growing up, to have a good body you actually had to have a good body. You know what I mean? You had your shape, and whatever your God-given shape was, that was your shape. But now- and this is what these young Hollywood ladies seem to do -even if you don't have a great body, you can lose a lot of weight and get super skinny, get a fake tan and fake tits, and you are in the game.
Just get super-duper skinny. Some women are the real deal, like Jessica Alba. She has an amazing body. But for these other chicks, the closest they can get to a body like that is to remove everything that's there and add a little something on top."
Also here's Tina in a recent interview in Star magazine. "I think TV has conditioned our brains to see fake teeth and fake tans and fake lips, so when you see a normal person, you're like, "Oh, that's disappointing....."
Tatiana likes what Tina had to say and she agrees.