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We want to wish everybody a very happy and wonderful New Year!
Tonight both girls are going to be super DA NANG in Los Angeles. Tatiana is going to Together As One in an outfit she is really happy with. Head turner for sure! She will have to pose in pictures with people all night long. It is going to be great! Julia is attending the Giant party. Later the girls are planning to meet up at the after party which will be held at The Avalon in Hollywood. So they can spread DA NANG to everybody there......people NEED DA NANG! It is going to be an night full of fun and dancing! Maybe Urrth Cafe the afternoon after?

Tatiana, the new gossip queen

Tatiana & Julia love to devour the weekly gossip magazines. Tatiana feels it is like a stress relief. The girls sit and comment on the pictures, good and not so good comments. They could easily give Perez Hilton a run for his money.
Actually Tatiana & Julia think that THEY should have their own show on tv. Something like E Entertainment but more DA NANG.
Tatiana has a few celeb comments for you if you are interested......and yes, she can be "mean". Evil laugh...... But she does not feel sorry for these people at all. Most of them want to be photographed and talked about. Plus they are super spoiled. If people would shower Tatiana with free clothing, jewelery and spa treatments she wouldn't care less if somebody wanted to write about her less than white teeth, grey roots and cellulite. Please! All that can be camouflaged! Anyways, those are minor things, besides that Tatiana is PERFECT! But you already know that. :-)
So here comes some celeb rantings......
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - they need to go! Fast! She has an ape face. He looks like he is missing AT LEAST one chromosome. They are embarrassing, always staging outings so they can have their photo taken. Totally overrated! What do they do anyway? Besides looking like two idiots?
Tara Reid - go hide somewhere! So skinny it is disgusting! Here is another chick that thinks (or is brainwashed to think) that being sickly skinny, having overly bleached hair, a super dark tan and some implants equals beauty. Girl wake up! And eat something! Your bones are protruding!
Pam Anderson - though Tatiana likes animal lover Pammie she thinks her marriage to childman Rick Solomon is a mistake. Pammie, you have two kids already, remember? Dump the childman and get back with Tommy.
Kevin Federline - Dad of The Year?? Please! Compared to who? This guy was rescued by Britney. She made it possible for him to shine. Before Britney, K Fed and his ex Shar Jackson struggled to pay rent and to feed all their kids some cereal. Now even Shar is blinging, probably super happy that Kevin found Britney because now they have money. He is a good looking guy though. Gold digger.
Britney Spears - she will hopefully be ok and back on top. She is just traumatized after
K Fed. And who wouldn't be? She needs some time. But she needs to focus on the kids, always a priority! Get on top of it Brit! You are a great girl!
Angelina Jolie - humanitarian and that is a good thing! She walks to the rhythm of her own drum. Beautiful face. But Brad seems too bleak and boring for her. She is an Alpha female, just like Tatiana, she needs someone compatible or she can be a strong, sexy, single Mom.
Jessica Simpson - once said that she "plays dumb on purpose because it is cute".
Well, Tatiana thinks that she just is dumb. Period. But any chick that makes a retarded statement like that should be ridiculed. If a guy thinks only dumb girls are attractive,
he is a loser. Put him back where you found him!
Amy Winehouse - good voice but overall just GROSS! Pleeeaaase, do not walk around in public in a bikini ever again! That's just scary. And cover up your acne crack scars on your face!
Lil Wayne - Tatiana's rap boy crush. Very cute in his own way and some awesomely good songs.
Jaime Lynn Spears - girl you are only 16! Why do you need a baby? You should had waited! Though Shar Jackson was 14 when she had her first, ghetto!
Ali Lohan - looks like an old lady already. She needs to start using some of Mom Dinah's wrinkle creams.
Ashley Tisdale - the new nose is not so good, old one was better.
Bai Ling - Tatiana wants to meet this one! Loves her outfits! Very DA NANG!
Victoria, aka Posh, Beckham - Tatiana loved the Spice Girls, they were fun and promoted girl power. That's DA NANG! Posh is ok, too skinny and a bad boob job, should gain weight, says herself she looks bad naked, Tatiana believes that. But good at managing herself, the hubby and the kids. Seems fun though.
Lisa Rinna - she must be sad when she looks at herself in the mirror! Her lips are grotesque!
Rhianna - gorgeous girl.
Megan Fox - beautiful, but copies Angelina too much and that's not cool.
Anna Kournikova - yummy beautiful creature.
Sacha Baron Cohen - a pure genius! Tatiana likes very much.
Hmmmmmm, who else? Tatiana thinks that's about it for now.

It is MY BIRTHDAY today!!!

Today, December 27, it is my birthday!!! Tatiana's birthday. She thought about celebrating with afternoon tea at The Four Seasons but Tatiana has been harboring a cold and decided to postpone the tea, she LOVES afternoon tea though! But tea with a runny nose, no.
So instead she curled up on the couch with a hot drink, some pastries, magazines and a movie, Eastern Promises , it was good. And it brought up a subject that Tatiana feels very strongly for. The kidnapping of young girls and forcing them into prostitution, this goes on, even in Las Vegas! Tatiana would really like to make a difference in this matter.
Today Benazir Bhutto got assassinated and with her many more people died. This is crazy, this world is just too violent. Really, Tatiana thinks that Bhutto should had left Pakistan after the first attempt to kill her happened a few months ago, over 100 people died in that bombing. It was just unsafe and putting others at risk. And now she is gone. There is no good reasoning behind this.
A few days ago, a tiger at the San Francisco zoo attacked a few people and killed a young boy. Horrible. The tigers name was Tatiana. So sad. Tatiana the beautiful tiger had displayed some similar behavior in the past.
Tatiana thinks that there is less need for zoos nowadays, you can watch animals on tv or online. A zoo is like a prison whether we want to realize it or not and most animals are probably unhappy there. is still Tatiana's birthday......she is wishing for another year of health and positive developments......

Photo by Barry Gallegos.


Tatiana has been running around like a crazy chicken today, she is, like many, caught up in the Holiday rush. She is dropping of Christmas presents to friends and she also wants to get some presents, for a boy and a girl, and drop them off at a place for kids that don't get presents. She is also taking some dog food to two different animal shelters, the dogs need food.
Last night the motor in her heater unit went out, it got pretty cold. Tatiana cuddled close to Chhaya all night. Later today the maintenance people will come over and fix it.
It has been non stop since returning to Vegas.
Tatiana also stocked up on some pierogies and kielbasa from the Polish deli.
Very yummu.
Well, Happy Holidays to all of you! Wishing you all the best!

Bye for now......

Last day, only a few fleeting hours until Tatiana has to return to Vegas. :-(
She knows that she will miss Anchorage.
She will miss L'Aroma cafe where she has been eating every day, super yummy!
They have the best sandwiches, Greek salads, pastries and Russian tea cookies, and the iced vanilla lattes are sooo good. The Borders here in Anchorage has a fireplace!
Every Borders should have one. And she will miss her turn on the stage at the Alaskan Bush Company. But she will have time to squeeze in some more stages tonight before the flight. Come see that famous grizzly!!!
Many hugs to all of you that she met during her stay! See you soon again!

Only a few days left in Anchorage......

Tatiana only has a few more days left in Anchorage before she has to return to Las Vegas. You know YOU NEED to see her at the Alaskan Bush Company before she leaves, otherwise you will regret it!
She is planning on returning here sometimes next year for a longer stay.

While working Tatiana met many young guys, soldiers, that recently returned from Irak or other places. Some of them wore silver bracelets around their wrists, in memory of a fallen friend. Actually Tatiana saw way too many of these bracelets. A few times she almost cried while talking to the soldiers. She hopes that none of them have to go back to any kind of war, she hopes all wars can end everywhere in the world. It is just not right. Not here, not "over there", nowhere.
People don't belong somewhere killing each other, we should do other things.
Remember when you used to wish for PEACE ON EARTH as a child, at least Tatiana did. Well that's topping her Christmas list this year.
She hopes that she can dare to believe in meliorism. If not that, what else can we look forward to? This is not a critique to any soldiers. Tatiana's heart goes out to everyone of them. But Tatiana is against war. There must be another solution......

where it ends usually depends on how it starts

sapphire was dead tonite even though it was the last day of NFR

Julia's been thinking of starting a support group for people are victims of meaningless drama.

who needs the details? it's maybe like reading someone else's diary....they wont know you ever did it, but what would happen if you found a resaon to be mad about? your significant other cheated on you? do you wish you never kept reading?

sometimes there is no going back, and the past can hurt people in ways that aren't forgotten.

everyone has their story to tell , and Julia is no stranger to being lied to or manipulated.

do we feel bad for people going through bad times? a little bit, but not too much because it's not that rare.

suffering is normal, part of living.

(Written by Julia).

Angels and Airwaves @ Hard Rock

On a happier note, Julia went to a concert at the Joint in the Hard Rock on Tuesday night!

The band was ' Angels and Airwaves'. If you remember Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves is the lead singer Tom (from Blink) 's new band.

Julia went with her friends Darrin and Tessa from San Diego, and it was super fun.

Everyone agreed that the sound quality was awful, and the band should def travel with a much better sound tech.

Aside from that, it was a good show. If you are or were a fan of Blink 182 , Julia thinks you would enjoy Angels and Airwaves.

After the show, Julia, Darrin, and Tessa ventured down to the New York bar ( a small local bar near paradise and flamingo) for some food and fun.

The New York bar has a pizza place attached where you can get italian food sometimes, and no one ever knows when they will be open.

Spaghetti and meatballs were had by all, and Julia and Tessa played some old 90's songs on the jukebox that annoyed most of the patrons.

Staind (it's been awhile), Blink 182, Radiohead, etc.

Tessa and Darrin had to leave, but they will return in a few weeks. Darrin is in a really good band called Sic Waiting, and they will be doing a show at the Double Down soon.

****Tool is also playing here in Vegas, two nights in a row and they are both sold out. Tool is a great band, and Julia was lucky enough to have seen them do a show up in Reno a few years ago. Too bad she has to work tonight, because Tool sounds much more interesting.*****

Who knows? Perhaps Tool will be bored after their show and decide they want to check out Sapphire......

(Written by Julia).

Jenny M hosts 5 year anniversary party at Sapphire

it's cold in vegas as well. julia has been seraching through her closet, digging out clothes from the denver trip last year.

last night was the 5 year anniversary party at Sapphire in Las Vegas and Jenny McCarthy was hosting it.

there were also some blonde triplets playing some violins or other instruments and they put on a little show on stage.

many people, many couples, many locals, and julia thought it was pretty boring.

(Written by Julia).

Snowing in Anchorage

It is snowing today. The whole sky is full with snow, it is grey and very pretty. The snow is heavy and wet. Tatiana is feeling Christmas-y. She is listening to Christmas songs on the radio and thinking about the tree she will decorate when she gets back to Vegas. She misses Chhaya...... Next time she comes here she is bringing Chhaya.
Tomorrow she is planning a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center if the weather permits. And the day after she is going to take a drive somewhere, to see some sights.
Bye for now!