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We are so over Sapphire!

Tatiana has been feeling disappointed for some time now with Sapphire, the club in Las Vegas that her and Julia work at. Just to sum it up quickly she thinks that the club has been getting very raunchy and nasty, girls are basically doing anything to make money and that's not what a strip club should consist of Tatiana thinks. The club has rules that are broken constantly. All the time.
It doesn't matter if you are nice and pretty, you can be not at all good looking as long as you are willing to do the extras. Then you'll make money. They have plenty of really ugly girls working at Sapphire, to be frank, and they seem to be spending a lot if time in the VIP rooms......
The management are looking the other way since these girls often tip them out on top of the high house fees that the club already charges. Basically the managers are like pimps. It is disgusting and it really bothers Tatiana a lot. She is not going to subject herself to anything else than entertainment style lap dancing to make money.
Boob grabbing and vagine touching and flashing? Rubbing penises? NO WAY!
Not to mention all the other things that Tatiana knows goes on......
There should be a difference between a stripper/dancer and a prostitute. Right?
The option is to go to another club of course......and the girls will probably do that soon......but it seems to be the same kind of situation in all of the Vegas clubs. Julia is upset too, the club would not let her go home though she was sick, because she owed the club $ 15. After she has been working there for almost a year and been paying her house fees every time. And they are going to make a big deal over $ 15!
Tatiana thinks that it is almost embarrassing to say that she is a dancer. People seem to think it means something else.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's almost Midnight and only a few more minutes until Thanksgiving.....
So Tatiana wants to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Her plans for the day will be to sleep in, maybe go and have a Thanksgiving brunch at one of the lovely Las Vegas hotels. But no turkey! Save the turkeys!
And later on in the evening she will grace the floor of Sapphire with her presence.
The only reason for working is because Sapphire is giving away two house fees that night. And since Tatiana is concerned over her recent low earnings at the club, the two house fees sounds like a good idea.
Besides that, Tatiana is thankful for a lot.....For her health, her family & friends, for her stunning good looks (ha ha), that she is not starving or being homeless or freezing,
for her dog Chhaya that she loves SO much.....
Many hugs to all!!!

Tatiana is going to Alaska!

After thinking about going to Anchorage, Alaska for some time now Tatiana actually decided to do something about it. So she booked a plane ticket and will be arriving in Anchorage on December 3 to stay for about two weeks. She will be working at the famous Alaskan Bush Company.
She is planning to work as much as possible but will save a few days to do some sightseeing as she understands that Alaska is a spectacular place with many beautiful things to see. Yes, she will bring her camera.
Tatiana is feeling really excited and happy over this trip and she is looking forward to enjoying great times in Anchorage as well as meeting really good people and making new friends.
This trip is going to be another great adventure! Stay tuned for updates......

The Golden Banana

Tatiana found out a while ago that a new club had opened in Las Vegas. The Golden Banana. She has been wanting to go there and she thought tonight would be her golden opportunity to go! But.........she found out that there would be a hair raising $ 50 cover charge for ladies! Tatiana is not cheap but she is not going to shell out that much to see some penises..... Yes, The Golden Banana is a club where boys take it all off - mostly for other boys/men, that's why it is so much for ladies to get in. Tatiana would rather bring that $ 50 into the club so she could tip the boys while they are gyrating on the stage. And she knows plenty of boys that would love to show her their privates for free! So instead she spent all night with her friends Mikey and Matty - for free! It ended up being a great evening......

Stop all wars!

Tatiana thinks that war is no good. In this day of age, we as the so called intelligent and civilized human race, should be able to find more diplomatic and reasonable ways of solving conflict than killing each other. Tatiana is a neo hippie and wants there to be peace and understanding on Earth.
Of course you can't like everybody, Tatiana certainly doesn't but you don't need to kill and destroy. War is just destructive, bringing nothing but negativity. Stop all wars,
bring home the soldiers from wherever they are. Educate people.
Encourage understanding, communication and togetherness. This is such a vast subject and Tatiana is at loss for words.........
But you get the idea. PLUR and Peace!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the way, Tatiana just realized that this is blog number 100! Keep on reading this awesome blog! It makes you happy! It enlightens you! It makes you laugh! YES!!!