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Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is one of Tatiana's favorite holidays. Not only because she can go to Monster Massive, it is just a fun time.
She decorated her house this year and tried to scare as many children and retired old ladies as possible.
Tonight she ended up at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California for the haunted mazes, seven total. Some say that the Queen Mary is haunted for real. Maybe.
Haunted houses or mazes are fun and Tatiana had a good time. But next year she is planning on going to the west Hollywood parade. Dressed like Laura Croft. That is going to be Da Nang!

Tatiana goes to Monster Massive

Last night it was time for MONSTER MASSIVE, a yearly rave that Tatiana has been to more times than she can remember. But she does remember one thing, it is great, always! This year it was the 10th anniversary and so many people showed up.
Tatiana dressed very cute in blue striped Victoria's Secret pants and a snug Hello Kitty top, adorned herself with many rings and bracelets.
Julia was there too, somewhere in the crowd, dressed just like Tatiana but they couldn't find each other all night. Tatiana strolled around, people watched, talked to a bunch of funny people, took a picture with a guy dressed like Borat in a neon green one piece bathing suit. Very nice!
Then she planted herself on the dance floor and did what she came there for, danced! House music all night long!!!

No voice!

Yesterday Tatiana woke up and discovered that she had almost lost her voice.
What came out when she tried to talk sounded bad and hoarse. But she still went to work, it was Saturday night and worth a try. As the night progressed so did the condition of Tatiana's voice. Julia thought that Tatiana sounded like a monster. Nobody could understand what she was saying when she tried to talk to people, so she went home with a small amount of money. Not good.
Today she can't talk at all, she has to whisper. After consulting with Julia, she decided that is is probably best that she stays in tonight and gets some rest. Tatiana is in a bad mood, she wanted to work because she needs money.
Hopefully she will be in much better shape tomorrow!


Both of the girls are sick. Julia has been feeling bad for a few days now and today she went to the doctor and got antibiotics. Tatiana just got sick today, she hopes she will be able to cure it with some naked chanting and old fashioned aromatherapy.
Nothing serious....sore throats and mucus. Julia thinks they got sick from the clouds of nicotine and nasty hooker germs at work.

Give me my potatoes!

Tatiana and Julia really like food. Sometimes they obsess over it. Like last time when they worked at Shotgun Willies, they got into the habit of having a baked potato every night with the sour creme and the cheese. If Julia didn't get her potato she would be really irritated and couldn't muster up motivation for work. Julia is not da nang when she is cranky.
Right now Julia is ordering jalapeno poppers almost every time she works at Sapphire. Though at one point she swore she would never eat them again. Not too long ago when the girls were in California, Julia had some and they were driving on the freeway when Julia started getting really sweaty. She made Tatiana pull over FAST and barged into a gas station bathroom where she exploded. It was the jalapeno! Very funny!
Tatiana loves potatoes too. And garlic. And they both love pierogies. Not to mention Greek salad. Also Tatiana sometimes gets cravings for sauerkraut straight out of the jar. Pizza is always nice. Iced vanilla lattes, yum.
Right now Tatiana loves an ice cream she found at Whole Foods, it is called Sheer Bliss, that's exactly how she feels when she eats it. Her favorite flavor is pomegranate.
Next time you are in Vegas you should take the girls out for some food!
They need!

Work is bad!

Tatiana and Julia decided that working weekends at Sapphire lately has not been DA NANG! It is almost a waste of time to come in on a Friday and Saturday night. Too many girls and no quality customers. Very frustrating! Everybody thinks that dancers make a ton of money but that is not the case. We have to pay the club to work and sometimes it can be difficult to make that money back, believe it or not!
Now Tatiana and Julia are talking about a possible trip to Alaska, Anchorage after Thanksgiving, there is a club up there they want to try. Tatiana is feeling happy about this, she really wants to visit Alaska!
They need us there!

New Furniture!

Tatiana got new furniture today! Maybe nothing to blog about you might think but see Tatiana used to have furniture until it all got stolen.....
A couple of years ago she had put most of her stuff in storage because she was in between places and some assholes decided that they wanted Tatiana's stuff and stole it.
So today she got a couch, a table and a shelf like thing. She still wants a few more items. Like a bookcase. Tatiana used to have really nice things. The worst part is that they took a lot of personal, irreplaceable items, like photo albums, diaries and letters. They left all of her books though - guess reading skills were not too developed in the brains of the thieves.
This event was a horrible time for Tatiana, she was very, very sad for a long time.
She could not understand how somebody could steal like that, it is just so wrong!
She still SO misses her two beautiful paintings (giclees) by the artist OLIVIA. "Starfish" and "Fallen Angel". If you want to make Tatiana really happy you can buy one, or both of the paintings for her!

Into The Wild

Tatiana just finished reading Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. She is now reading another of his books, Under The Banner Of Heaven .
Into The Wild is a gripping story about a young man that gets tired of a lot of things in his life and society in general. He decides to travel, eventually he makes it to Alaska where he lives off the land. It is a very beautiful and sad story, without giving away too much. This book has recently been made into a movie that should be out in theatres now. Tatiana will see the movie as well. It is directed by Sean Penn and it took him ten years to get permission from the young mans family to make this movie.
Tatiana feels strongly for the character depicted in the book. Many times has she felt similar, fed up with the rat race she really doesn't want to participate in. She knows the feeling of longing to be in nature, undisturbed and peaceful. Read this book!
While on the subject of books, Tatiana wants to mention another author, Paulo Coelho. She has read most of his books, they too are excellent and talk about life in a very beautiful and many times, Tatiana thinks, melancholic but joyful way.
What would life be without books?