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SoMeThInG mOrE sErIoUs FrOm JuLiA....

Julia LOVES Owen Wilson. She thinks he is da when she found out that he recently tried to kill himself it made her really, really sad.

Owen Wilson lives somewhere is Santa Monica and Julia is on a mission to find him and tell him everything will be OK.

Lots of people suffer from depression and mood disorders that make it hard to live a normal, healthy life. Many people try to feel better by using alchohol or other drugs to try and make themselves feel a little better. Usually this method backfires and the person ends up feeling even worse.

It is a common belief that people who abuse drugs are simply trying to get high, have fun, and are selfish. Julia thinks this is not the case. Most people end up addicted to drugs because they are depressed and sad and do not know how to deal with it. They usually don't know how to deal with it because they never learned that certain feelings are normal and whatnot.

There are many ways to deal with such issues, and Julia would really like to help Owen!! She read that he is taking some Yoga lessons at his house and this is good.

If you know someone who is sad or depressed there are ways of being supportive and helpful without coming off as critical or harsh.

The person who is suffering already feels bad enough that they are not happy.

It is hard sometimes for people who have never felt suicidal or really depressed to understand that blaming the person only makes them feel worse.

Owen, if you happen to read this , please e-mail Julia......

Or if anyone reading this knows where Owen lives, please e-mail any information.....

(Written by Julia).

LoCaL nEwS fRoM nEvAdA

Recently someone from here in Nevada turned in a videotape to the police. This man lives in Parhump, Nevada which is a small town outside of Vegas that is mostly known for having legal brothels. Anyway, the tape was of a 4 or 5 year old girl being sexually abused by an older man. Julia finds this highly disturbing! The man who turned in the tape was not the same man featured in the tape, but police say he had had the tape in his possesion for weeks and had been showing it to friends. He is now in jail. He said he 'found' the tape somewhere out in the desert......

Police found out that the girl in the tape is actually safe at home with her parents but the man abusing her has yet to be located. His picture is all over the local news and hopefully someone will come forward with his whereabouts ASAP.....
Also, the police are trying to get more national attention addressing the issue and trying to find this horrible man.

Unfortunately, this type of thing is happening quite frequently and has been for years.

Julia thinks it's VERY VERY sad that anyone could be capable of harming a helpless child in a way that will fuck them up for the rest of their lives.


So that's some of what's been going on here in Nevada lately. . . .

(Written by Julia).


It is Friday and Tatiana is going to have another weekend at work. More about that topic (work at the strip club) sometime soon.
Tatiana thinks that people should blog about whatever they want and if somebody doesn't want to take their time and read it, that's ok. Tatiana herself prefers to blog mostly about things of substance, things she finds important, that mean something. She wants to try to change this world to a better place for everybody.
So more on microlending and lots of other interesting issues coming up in future blogs.
Meanwhile, she wants to wish everybody a happy weekend!


Julia and Tatiana are going to be writing some blogs together soon, and they should be really funny.

Julia doesn't always think her life is that interesting and would rather not blog about boring things.

It's annoying to read people's blogs who just write to be writing something.

If you don't have something fun or new to say, maybe wait until something happens that you think other people will care about?

Julia thinks that EVERYONE will be happy to hear that she got her nails done and got a pedicure when she was in San Diego !!

Her nails have glitter on them now, and her toes are a nice pinkish-purple color. Very need to see Julia's fingers and toes ASAP so stop by Sapphire and take a look.....

Also, there are still many personal belongings of Julia and Tatiana's that are up for sale. The usual dirty shoes, stained panties, etc.

Please e-mail Tatiana your requests or questions since she is checking on the emails a lot more than Julia......Julia is lazy when it comes to that sometimes. She gets tied up with text messaging and getting her hair done and forgets that she should be keeping in touch with people.

If you have a specific request for something PLEASE email about it. Julia and Tatiana are both VERY open-minded and DA NANG so don't be shy about asking for some of Tatiana's used thongs or Julia's stinky shoes.

And DO NOT forget that Christmas is coming up and some of these unique items would make AWESOME gifts for your friends. We have something for everyone!

Hope to hear from you guys soon.....

(Written by Julia).


In the past week, Julia has worked 6 days at Sapphire.....

There is some kind of bicycle convention in town, so it was pretty busy and Julia met some interesting people as always.

Nothing really worth writing about but there were quite a few people from different countries around the world, and it's usually pretty cool to find out how other people are living.

Sometimes people ask Julia if it's exciting to work at Sapphire......the truth is that it's not as thrilling as some people think it is.

There are lots of boring times, slow times, and annoying times.

But there are also really fun people to talk to and good music (sometimes).

Julia has fun when other people are having fun. If there is a good vibe and a good crowd it can be an awesome job.

Hopefully this weekend will be fun!!

And Julia hopes everyone has a great weekend, whatever you may be doing.

(Written by Julia).

Smashing Pumpkins in San Diego

Julia drove to San Diego on Wednesday to see one of her favorite bands play a show.

It was VERY da nang!

Smashing Pumpkins are one of the best bands ever and Julia LOVES them....

Billy Corgan is the lead singer (for those of you unfortunate people who didn't already know that), and he came onto the stage wearing a black and white long-sleeved striped shirt, with a T-shirt over it.

Guess what? Julia was wearing the exact same thing!! Except hers was tighter of course....

They played for 2 hours and it was AWESOME!

Driving back home to Vegas, Julia listened to Smashing Pumpkins in her car for the entire way home.....

By the time she was back home, she had decided that Billy Corgan was her soul mate and as soon as she meets him he will know it too.

Maybe one day Julia and Billy can meet and get married in Vegas at the same chapel that Britney got married at??

(Written by Julia).

A beautiful day!

Tatiana is having a great day! The weather is finally getting nice in Vegas. Meaning many more outside activities in the daytime. She spent time with some cool friends last night and tomorrow night she is having fun plans with some other good friends. Tonight she has to work and that's going to be ok.
Next Monday she is going to some newly discovered hot springs. Can't wait for that.
Monster Massive is coming up next month and she is getting her tickets comped VIP.
Right now it is a good time to be alive!!!

HELLO! Stop bashing Britney!

Tatiana is very irritated by all the negative press Britney Spears has been receiving regarding her performance at the VMA's. FAT? Where is this girl fat? She had two kids recently! Remember? Tatiana wants to see all the chicks that are criticizing Britney's physique to line up in front of her in bikinis, so she can comment on their bodies.
Most of them are probably really fat and just jealous of Britney. Britney looks fine to Tatiana. And her performance? It was good, the song is catchy. If it was so horrible,
how come no one is highlighting the so called super performances from that night?
Seriously, Beyonce probably weighs more than Britney, but she is a media darling and everyone is oooh ing and aaah ing over her figure when it is no better than Britney's. It's all bs.
It is so not cool for girls to starve themselves. Looking bony and emaciated on purpose is not attractive. Or healthy.
This society is sick. Instead of making people feel good about themselves and make them feel happy and positive it just brings people down.
Girls! Eat and be happy and healthy! If you gain too much weight, exercise!
Because being really fat is not good either.
Please excuse Tatiana, her and her plump beautiful behind are going to go and dig out some ice cream from the freezer and enjoy every bite of it!

Crusty panties for sale!

Tatiana and Julia want to announce to all you lucky people that they have a collection of their underwear for sale in various stages of crustiness.
Thongs, fullbacks, innocent whites, Hello Kitty prints, they got it all.
Actually the girls are thinking about having an auction for these highly wanted and collectible items. Some are crusty, some smelly (in a nice, fishy way), some have stains.
The girls are prepared for a bombardment of mail regarding this.
Don't wait too long or you will miss out on a pair of well worn panties by Tatiana and Julia!

Empire tonight for some dancing

Tatiana is going to Empire Ballroom tonight with some friends. She put in many hours this weekend at Sapphire, lots of people but not so profitable. Hopefully next weekend will be better. It's going to be nice to go out and get some therapy on the dance floor. Tonight's dj is Paul Van Dyk, so it should be good.
In a minute she is going to jump in the shower and then slap on some mascara and lip gloss. She is thinking about wearing her pink, cute and comfy Juicy sweats, sneakers and a Hello Kitty top.
Tonight is going to be DA NANG!