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Tatiana & Julia to the rescue!

We have been wanting to adopt Britney Spears for a while now. After reading about all of Britneys antics we think that she needs the knowledge and the comfort of
Tatiana & Julia. We like her a lot, a few years ago we saw her in concert here in Vegas. Tatiana loves that Britney can dance, she wants to take her to a rave and bite Britney's juicy butt. Then they can dance the night away, challenging each other with some funky moves. Julia and Britney can discover new lollipop flavors together, both of them are rarely seen without a lollipop hanging out of their mouth.
We can help her perfect her lap dancing technique, since she seems to have an appreciation for strippers. We can keep Britney company and go shopping together, we all have similar taste in clothes. Then we can try to make sense of what is bothering her lately and solve the problem. If Britney would hang out with us she would do so much better. Britney YOU NEED US!

Tatianas crush......

Tatiana has a crush, the object of her desire is Ellen DeGeneres. Tatiana thinks that Ellen is so smart, cute, funny and she has a nice smile. She thinks they would have a great time together. Ellen should put Portia on the back burner and see what it is like to hang with Tatiana for a while.
Tatiana pictures her and Ellen at some dance floor somewhere, sweating and grinding up a storm. She sees them at a strip club throwing dollar bills at the dancers. She also fantasizes about giving Ellen a romp with her in the VIP room, guaranteed steamy!
Or how about a long intellectual discussion over a romantic dinner at Joel Robuchon?
Or maybe even a romantic walk on a beautiful beach? Some intense make out sessions....yum....Tatiana is certain that Ellen would love her if she only met her.
Ellen forget about Portia, you need Tatiana!

Anal bleaching

There are a few beauty salons in Las Vegas that now offer the appealing service of bleaching a persons butt hole back to it's fresh youthful color. Anal bleaching.
There are certainly some girls that Tatiana has worked with in the past and presently that are in need this procedure. Tatiana is planning on putting up an ad about anal bleaching at Sapphire so maybe some of the dancers feel inspired to go and get it done.
If a girl insists on doing the face down, ass up doggy style position on stage while clad only in a very small g string and she has a really dark butt hole area that shines in everybody's face, she needs to go and get it bleached! If the color off the butt hole doesn't match up too well with the rest of the skin it just looks gross and weird Tatiana thinks. Or just don't do the doggy on stage, spare your fellow human beings the sight of your butt hole. Cover up, wear larger panties, something!
Tatiana even had the pleasure of once working with a girl that would do the doggy and she had a big, juicy hemorrhoid hanging out of her ass. VERY NICE! That was just so funny to watch. Tatiana thinks back at this with pleasure.
Yes, Tatiana has worked with more than a handful totally clueless girls but there will be more blogs about that. Stay tuned!

This world is overpopulated!

Tatiana has many opinions about a lot. She loves to care about more than just herself and superficial things. She loves to discuss about all kinds of subjects with intelligent people and she hopes to expand her mind and knowledge more. Tatiana pities women who's main occupation is their looks.
One thing she has been thinking about lately is why do people need more than one or two children nowadays? The world has reached over 6.6 billion, we are short on resources, there's pollution, war, people don't have enough to eat. The list goes on and on. When Tatiana hears about families that have or want to have a lot of children she thinks they are being selfish.
Tatiana does not have any kids besides her dog Chhaya. She does not have any plans to have kids, maybe one day it will happen if she will be prepared for Motherhood properly, the biggest responsibility a person can have. It is not even necessary for her to squeeze one out herself, why not adopt a child that needs a parent?
Nowadays having children is a privilege, not just a right. There are so many people out there that have children when they really can't afford to, or they don't take care of them properly. Why? Selfish, uneducated maybe. Tatiana thinks that people should have to obtain a license to have children. They need to somehow prove that they can be responsible and good parents before they reproduce.
Kudos to Margaret Sanger a woman (no longer here) and activist that thought women should be able to decide on when and how many children they wanted. Her work led to the formation of what now is Planned Parenthood and she helped organize the first World Population Conference in 1927.
Tatiana hopes that one day she can contribute to something meaningful and positive in this world.

Julia's Opinion on Media Scrutiny

Julia is really really angry about something that's been going on for a long time in the media. For some reason, people think that Nicole Richie is too skinny!! Julia strongly disagrees with this theory. Nicole Richie looks better the skinnier she gets. There is nothing wrong with looking good....

Now that Nicole is pregnant, people are worried that her weight will effect her unborn child and/or have a negative impact somehow.

Julia cannot stress enough that there is nothing wrong with looking good, especially if you happen to be pregnant.

These people who think Nicole Richie should gain weight should first get as skinny as she is so they know what it's like. Then they can criticize all they want. You know what they say : "until you have walked a mile in somebody else's shoes....."

Let Nicole be as skinny as she wants to be. She probably doesn't care about what you look like, so people need to stop caring about what she looks like.

Julia loves Nicole!!

(Written by Julia).

Musings by Julia....

Julia is having a very superficial evening. She has spent a long time doing her hair and trying to make her makeup look the same as when the Mac makeup salesman did it. She is taking a break right now but hopefully she can finish up within the next hour.

Tomorrow Julia is making it a priority to get her nails done and her eyebrows waxed. This must be done before anything else. If Julia doesn't have acrylic pink and white nails she gets very very cranky. In fact, Julia can't remember the last time she didn't have fake nails. It's been a few years for sure.

Also Julia needs to make an appointment to get her roots bleached. Julia hates dark hair......the blonder the better!!

There should be lots of tanning salons open 24 hours. So far, Julia has only found one on the other side of town. She wishes there was one closer so she could be more is unfair.

Well, Julia has to go now because there is a brand new Revlon commercial on TV....


(Written by Julia).

Big Plans for Tuesday Night....

You might wonder what Julia does after a night of work at Sapphire......

Tonight she is catching up on all of her laundry from the Denver trip. It takes a long time to wash 2 weeks worth of dirty underwear!

After washing the makeup off of her face, she will most likely get comfortable in her bed with her freshly washed Hello Kitty blanket and her dog Bugsy. Then she will pass out reading the latest gossip about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.....

Sound like fun?? Julia is looking forward to it.....goodnite!!

(Written by Julia).

Reality TV meets Music....

Julia is happy to be back at Sapphire.....

On Monday night she met 3 members of a band from San Diego that were in town filming a reality TV show.

The show will come on FOX in the middle of October and is a "battle of the bands" type thing.

The guys seemed nice and had made it to the top 50 or something like that. The top 10 get to move to LA for some sort of special surprise.....

Julia likes music and was happy to meet the band.....she hopes they make it top 10 and move to LA.....maybe someday you will hear them on the radio.....

The Big Provider is the name of the band and you can find them on Myspace.

Great Success for Big listen, you like!!

(Written by Julia).

Michael Vick is DISGUSTING!

Tatiana can't believe that this Michael Vick person did these horrible acts of disgusting behavior to the dogs.
Tatiana's dog, Chhaya is a pitbull but that's not the issue here. How can a grown person do this? First he tried to say that he didn't have any knowledge of the acts of violence that were taking place at his house. Now he is admitting to being guilty of betting at the dogfights and even assisting in killing the dogs. The dogs would die by drowning, hanging, beating, shooting and electrocution. Is this really happening in America?
This is mind boggling. This guy had everything. Why did he need to engage is this kind of behavior? I guess you can take the thug out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the thug.
Tatiana thinks he should be done. He needs to go to jail for a long time. Really Tatiana thinks that he should hang somewhere so that she can go up to him and put her heels really hard into his small balls, she wants to stick a baseball bat covered in Habanero sauce all the way up his nasty ass. Tatiana wants Michael Vick to suffer.
There is no excuse to hurt animals or anyone else for that matter unless they ask for it, this guy is asking for it.
Yes, Tatiana is sooooooooo mad.

And here is a picture of my beautiful friend CHHAYA........

Julia visits 4 Play (again) !!

Julia found herself back at the LA strip club 4 Play on Saturday night. It was so much different than the boring Sunday night that the girls had experienced about 6 weeks ago. The club was packed, and the girls were very cute. Julia saw a number of young looking blonde girls with fake boobs that she liked. Although Julia didn't have any sexytime lapdances, she enjoyed looking at the girls on stage.

Derek and Geoff were there as usual, and the three of them sat at a table drinking Red Bull and trying to decide which girls they liked the best.

On the way out, Julia stopped to talk to a bouncer about 4 Play's amateur contest. It seems that every Tuesday night there is an amatuer vagine night and if you get first place you win $500. Second and third place also get money but not as much. You go on stage for one song, and by the end of it you must be totally nude.

There is a panel of judges so the winners are chosen by them and not audience participation like some other contests.

Julia is tempted to participate in the contest.....but first she will probably go back on a Tuesday night and observe the contest in action before committing to showing her vagine at 4 Play....

(Written by Julia).