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Strip club scouting- 4 Play

Before the drive back to Las Vegas Tatiana thought it would be great to pay a visit to a strip club. Julia happily agreed. They had to drag their reluctant male friends Derek, Lyle and Geoff with them. The guys were not at all EXCITE to see some new VAGINE but the girls felt really happy to be checking out new talent.
It was a Sunday night and they ended up at 4 Play in Los Angeles, the club didn't have too many patrons or girls present when they got there, which was ok.
The girls sat down close to the stage, they were sipping on their soft drinks and tipping the young lovelies that caught their eye. Suddenly Julia spotted an exotic, bored looking Nicole Richie lookalike entering the stage, she pulled Derek with her and sat down at the stage for an up close look. Oh yes, she liked what she saw. VERY NICE! TIGHT!
After a while the Nicole Richie lookalike approached Julia for some small talk.
How funny, her roommate went to Electric Daisy Carnival yesterday just like us and she had been to Monster Massive last year. There was a connection Julia thought and took the cutie back for some private dances. Julia was somewhat disappointed that there was no heavy grinding. Meanwhile Tatiana was scouting the room, though the girls were pretty nice, nothing caught her eye. No grinding for Tatiana tonight.
The girls also decided that 4 Play is indeed a nice club, but they won't be showing their VAGINE'S in there.
Sorry guys......

Numerology by Joshua

Sunday, July 1st.
After a very satisfying meal at the Urrth Cafe (and a photo session with two police officers on bikes) the girls strolled back towards the car while window shopping.
The girls enjoyed the California weather immensely.
Suddenly Julia spotted a sign for a psychic reading and insisted that they definitely just needed that. Tatiana hesitated at first but Julia persuaded her quickly.
The psychic turned out to be a really cute guy called Joshua and he specialized in numerology. Something that the girls had not yet experienced.
He was about to end his shift. The girls convinced him to stay and give them a reading, they haggled Joshua for a cheaper price and ended up getting a great discount!
Actually they both flashed him and he happily did the reading for free...... HA HA!
Just kidding! Or? Joshua told the girls many positive things. Julia and Joshua had a connection going on, they flirted so shamelessly that Tatiana was blushing.
This was one of their better readings! DA NANG!