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Tatiana & Julia return to Denver!

Tatiana and Julia have finally had as much of the Vegas heat as they can handle.....

The girls are heading back to Denver, Colorado on Tuesday......

The plan is to return to Shotgun Willie's, where they worked the last few times they were in Denver.

Tatiana and Julia would like to stay for two weeks and work as much as possible, so if you are anywhere near Denver please stop in and say hello.

Hopefully the weather is nice, and the girls can also get some shopping done.....we'll see!!

There will certainly be some interesting stories to tell......

Come and see Tatiana & Julia at Shotgun Willie's in will like, you need!!

(Written by Julia).

Julia visits Glitter Gulch....

On Thursday night Julia found herself at the Glitter Gulch.....for those of you who don't know, it's a strip club located on Freemont Street in the old downtown area of Vegas. Many years ago Julia used to work as a cocktail waitress there because they didn't require any experience and she wanted to someday work as a cocktail waitress at one of the bigger casinos on the strip.

Anyway, Julia and Tatiana had heard that the club had been completely remodeled and Julia was curious to check it out.

There is a twenty dollar cover charge and that includes two drinks of your choice.

The Glitter Gulch looked great on the inside!! Everything looked brand new and Julia was impressed, given how the club used to look.

The girls were average looking, nothing really worth commenting on....Julia refrained from getting any lap dances and instead got comfortable in one of the booths against the wall, drinking Red Bull and remembering the days when she used to carry a tray around the club - bringing people beer and other beverages......

Julia asked the DJ to play some White Stripes and was very happy when he actually played two of their songs.

Unlike some of the other Vegas strip clubs that remain open 24 hours, the Glitter Gulch closes down around 4am.

If you are checking out the sights down on Freemont Street, Julia suggests that you pay a visit to the new and improved Glitter Gulch!

(Written by Julia).

Shoe Sale!

Here is a golden opportunity for everybody that needs something that Tatiana used to wear! She is selling her stinky, well worn stripper shoes. You know you need them!
The shoes are a size 8, they have staggering, sexy seven inch heels and the color is baby blue and clear. These shoes retail for $ 85 so Tatiana thinks this is a reasonable starting bid. Express your interest in an e mail and Tatiana will discuss further details with you.

Lost Keys

Last night the girls decided to venture out to Empire Ballroom after work to catch up with Tatiana's crush - dj Keoki.
They left Sapphire around 5 am. Tatiana got in her 4 Runner and waited for Julia that was picking up her VW Bug at the clubs valet. Tatiana waited and waited......then her phone rang and Julia sounded very frustrated as she explained that the valet people could not find her keys. No one knew where they were. Not a good situation since her house keys were on the same keyring.
The girls proceeded to go to Empire while Novak, Sapphires Serbian valet tried to find Julia's car keys.
Empire Ballroom was full of people in various stages of various intoxication. Keoki was spinning and looking very cute as always Tatiana thought and she kept repeating this information to Julia. When he was done with his set Tatiana chatted with him and his boyfriend and they agreed on hanging out soon. VERY NICE!
Julia ended up having to get her house door opened by a locksmith that Novak arranged for her. Her keys didn't get located until the next night at work when a fellow dancer brought them in, for some reason she found them in her car. Tatiana preached to Julia about not to valet park anymore. Tatiana does not valet park, she does not want people she doesn't know to drive her car. Julia said she feels bad because she likes Novak, Tatiana thinks he is nice too but it is still better to park yourself. She told Julia to give money to Novak occasionally when she feels bad for him.

You need White Stripes!!!!

The White Stripes are one of Julia's favorite bands.....

If you haven't listened to any of their cds you are missing out!

They recently launched their latest album tour for Icky Thump. The tour kicked off with a show at Icky Thump Records, which is the former Tower Records store on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. They played for only 200 fans, who had waited in line for tickets for as many as three days !

Julia advises you to go buy Icky Thump and play it loudly!!

She is planning on seeing them at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California and is VERY EXCITE!

"I thank you. My sister thanks you. Goodnight." - Jack White

(Written by Julia).

Fat Camp!!

You might not know this about Julia, but she has had a fascination with "fat camps" ever since seeing an episode of MTV True Life called "I'm going to fat camp."

The idea is that overweight people can go stay at a resort style retreat to get a "jump start" on their weight loss program.

A few years ago Julia decided that some day she would like to open up her own fat camp.

This being said, Julia randomly took a trip to Utah to escape the Vegas weather for a few days.

To her surprise, Utah was packed with such camps!! She took her dog Bugsy to go get a closer look at some camps.

They looked pretty boring and Julia quickly lost interest, but not before taking a tour and finding out what goes on behind closed doors.

Everyone is given access to an all-you-can-eat salad bar, but aside from that the calories are restricted based on a person's specific needs.

Water aerobics, group hikes through the red mountains, and weight training classes are offered.

Perhaps when Julia retires from dancing she will open up a fat camp with pole dancing classes!

(Written by Julia).

Julia goes to a hookah lounge.....

On Saturday night Julia decided to go Paymon's Hookah Lounge in Vegas. This was the first time she had smoked hookah and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

There was a waiting list to sit down at a table, so she waited in the restaurant area with her friends Courtney, Lyle, Derek, and Allan. They ordered some Greek food like pita bread, hummus, and feta cheese. Yummm!

The hookah lounge was dark and they were playing music that wasn't very good.

You can choose from many types of flavored tobacco, and Julia chose vanilla to start off with.

After the vanilla was gone, Julia picked mango. The mango was much better!

Julia would probably go back to Paymon's......and there are several other hookah lounges in Vegas that might be interesting.

(Written by Julia).


On Friday night Julia was looking for something interesting to do, so she concluded that a visit to a Vegas strip club was in order. After rounding up a few friends, (Lyle, Courtney, and Derek) she headed down to Seamless, a topless club that's pretty popular among tourists and also has afterhours with a DJ and go go dancers.

Julia and Tatiana have been there in the past and were always disappointed in the quality of girls.

Friday night was no exception. Julia thought the girls were not quite as bad as she remembered, but most of them were brunettes with big asses and Julia prefers blondes with plastic chests.

It was hard to find a place to sit down, as most of the tables were reserved for bottle service.

After making a few rounds around the club, a table was found and drinks were ordered.

Julia tried really hard to locate a stripper worthy of grinding on her but there were none to be found.

One thing that is interesting about Seamless is the unisex bathroom. Boys and girls can all go into the same bathroom!!

Check out Seamless if you are in the neighborhood, and definately try and stay for afterhours if you are up at 4am....

(Written by Julia).


OH NO! Tatiana's air conditioning has been broken for TWO days! Did she mention it is about 116 degrees in Las Vegas?
She had to wait until TODAY for a repairman to come out and take a look at it and he couldn't fix it right away, he had to get some more parts first. What misery!
She had to spend the last couple of nights at a friends house, sleeping at her place is impossible. How do people with no airco survive?
Tatiana is, as you read this, suffering naked, sweaty and very annoyed in her living room. Two fans are blasting air at her. It hardly helps.
Julia is on her way to Tatiana's rescue. A visit to Borders for some cooling off is on the agenda. Tatiana wonders why she lives in Las Vegas? WHY?!


First day back from LA and Tatiana and Julia both want to go back. It is just way too hot in Vegas.
To Tatianas horror the weatherguy on tv said it would be 116 degrees any day now. WTF?! That is inhumane! Torture!
The girls are making halfhearted plans about returning to Denver for a couple of weeks or maybe San Francisco to try out a club there.
They really want to go back to lush, cool LA. If you have a place in the LA area and need temporary roomates or housesitters, let the girls know!