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Just A Little More Love......

One of Tatiana's favorite songs is Just A Little More Love by dj David Guetta.
Whenever she hears that song she gets the happy chills and wants to dance.
The message in the song is wonderful, David Guetta is a genius to come up with a masterpiece like that!
If you want to hear it and see the video (the Ibiza version video) just type it in on YouTube. If Tatiana was a dj she would include this song in all of her sets.
Just A Little More Love to all of you!

Placebo at House of Blues !

Tonight Julia went to go see one of her favorite bands, Placebo. This was the second time she has been to see them and they were great as usual!!

Placebo played at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Although they didn't play as long as they did last time, it was still a super good show and Julia is glad she went.

If you like music and ever get the chance to see Placebo, you should go. Very nice !!

The band played some of their best songs like "Special K" and "Without You I'm Nothing".

(Written by Julia).


Tatiana and Julia might go and see Benny Benassi spin at Jet tonight, but nothing is decided yet and an update will follow if they go.
So there's lots of talk about music on this blog and that is because the girls love music.
Tatiana even went on tour with the Prodigy in England and Scotland a few years back. Still Prodigy is one of the most fantastic bands she has seen live, massive impressive!
It didn't help that Tatiana had a huge crush on Keith Flint as well and for a year or so she was convinced that he most definitely was her future husband. This crush has since fizzled, though Tatiana still thinks Keith is great but other crushed have replaced him.
Tatiana can basically listen to anything, at work she gets subjected to all kinds of noise whether she wants to or not. But when she decides to actually grace a club with her presence she is very picky and it has to be some form of techno which is her favorite, favorite music and has been for years now.
Tatiana prefers "raves" over Vegas clubs because they tend to have a way better atmosphere and no stupid bottle service crap, bs dress codes and people tend to be there for the music, not to show off and stare at each other. Booooring!
You can find Tatiana somewhere close to the dj both, usually in front of one of the speakers. She loves dancing and feels that dancing is a form of therapy and it makes her feel happy and alive, she is a self proclaimed danceaholic and can easily be glued on the dance floor for hours, usually until the party ends and it is time to leave.
At one point in her life Tatiana feverishly wanted to become a dj due to her love of techno, dancing, raves etc. She got herself some Technics 1200 turntables, a mixer, speakers and online ordered and hands on collected and schlepped home records from different continents and cities. This dream is somewhat still alive in her heart but the technology in the music industry has changed rapidly in the last couple of years and she feels out of sync with the cd dj's and Serato computer systems. It is confusing!
And it is time consuming to try to work on beat matching, Tatiana is quite busy with lots of other things......but maybe one day......who knows......she will play in front of a group of happy, dancing people.
Also Tatiana frowns at the dj explosion, especially the scantily clad bimbos that jumped on the dj wave not knowing a whole lot about it or what's worse, not feeling it in their hearts, just doing it to be cool, to be seen. Whatever!
So......maybe Benny Benassi tonight? And Armand Van Helden next Thursday!
Tatiana never wants to "grow up" and she hopes to be a forever dancing queen.

Julia's Night Off....High Five!!

On Wednesday night Julia decided that she would forget about doing her laundry and go out to see what was going on in Vegas. After ordering some Pizza Hut and eating nearly an entire pizza, she got in the shower and squeezed herself into her new super-tight Frankie B jeans and headed out for the night.

First stop was a local bar/club called the Emergency Room. Julia's old friend Alex was playing the drums in a new local punk-rock band called Suite 666. Suite 666 is a classic sounding punk-rock band with three girls playing guitar and singing, and Alex on drums. The show started at 11pm and lasted about 45 minutes......they sounded awesome! The girls were all wearing matching school girl skirts and boots and they looked very goth. They put on a very high-energy show and Julia was impressed. (Check out to hear some of their songs) !

Julia bought a T-Shirt and a CD and was disappointed that the band was all out of Suite 666 boy-short style panties. Maybe next time....

It was only midnight, so Julia headed down to Body English at the Hard Rock. It was her first time at that club so she didn't know what to expect. David Guetta was the DJ and Julia and Tatiana are fans of his so Julia wanted to check him out.

There wasn't much of a line, and Julia had a text message saying she could get in for free, so it didn't take long at all to get in. She took an elevator down to the club with a cute little midget operating the elevator. He was wearing a little tuxedo and hat!

The club was crowded but not packed....there was plenty of room to move around. Julia went to the bar, ordered a Red Bull, and took inventory of the club. The Go-Go dancers were all really cute and their outfits were actually really nice and sexy but not obnoxious. Some of them were really talented dancers as well. Julia thought they were probably the best Go-Go dancers that she has seen in Vegas. After finishing her Red Bull, Julia made her way down to the dance floor to get a better look at David Guetta and do some dancing....

David Guetta was awesome! He looked super happy to be there and was smiling at everyone. The music was great, and he mixed Tatiana's favorite song "Just a Little More Love" with "Firestarter" by Prodigy ! Julia decided to find David Guetta on MySpace and find out what his schedule is so she can see him again....

After leaving Body English it was time to call it a night. Julia was hungry again and wanted to finish her pizza that was waiting at home. So she got in her car and drove home to eat, play with her dog, and do some laundry!!

(Written by Julia).

Book Review !! You Need This Book....

Julia just finished reading a very interesting book called A Piece of Cake by a woman named Cupcake Brown. It's a memoir about Cupcake's journey through her drama-filled life. Drama is putting it mildly. Cupcake Brown's life was full of struggle and hardship, yet she came out of it graduating with high honors from a law school in San Francisco. Today she is a lawyer in San Francisco as well as a motivational speaker. As a young girl, Cupcake was placed in foster care and endured years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse. She dropped out of school, joined a gang in LA, became addicted to many different drugs, and had a string of violent and abusive relationships. She finally reached a point where she hit rock bottom, and knew that it was time to change. Cupcake got off of drugs and went to school. It took her many years, but she finally got her law degree. She talks about changing her life and how if she can do it anyone can do it. In the book she says "change isn't for people who NEED it - change is for people who WANT it."

Julia believes that change is possible but it takes hard work. If you want something, whether it's a different job or happiness or to change some kind of behavior, you can have it if you are willing to put the time in.

Read A Piece of Cake if you like reading about inspirational people and acheiving what might seem impossible. Cupcake Brown is someone who was able to overcome some terrible things and rise to the top. Da Nang!!

(Written by Julia).

Dita Von Teese

Last night Tatiana went to see Dita Von Teese perform with the Crazy Horse girls at MGM. She has seen the Crazy Horse show many times (formerly called La Femme) but Dita's performance was a special event.
Tatiana secretly wishes she could be one of the Crazy Horse dancers, but she knows she can't because she does not have the proper dance training or the right height, she is too tall. 5'10. She still thinks that the show should have a special Tatiana act, just for her......
The show was very good as always and Dita performed a slow striptease, very old fashioned and very stylish before she took a shower in a bathtub. Dita looked delicious.
Afterwards Tatiana got to go backstage and later went to Tabu, a Vegas club, for some dancing with the girls.

RIP Hammie the Hamster (2006-2007)

A few weeks ago Julia's hamster died. His name was Hammie, and he had long beige colored fur and little black eyes. He had escaped from his cage and was living inside of Julia's oven. She tired to lure him out with carrots, but Hammie seemed to want to stay in the oven. So Julia started leaving out food and water for him and he stayed in the oven for weeks. After a few run-ins with Julia's dog Bugsy, Hammie ran into the oven for the last time. She knew Hammie was dead when she stopped hearing him eat his hamster food late at night (and it started smelling bad). How was Julia supposed to get a dead hamster out of an oven?? She called her friend "Double D" for help.

"Julia," He said, "Get me a coat hanger and a flash light and I will be over in 30 minutes!"

Double D arrived and started the search for Hammie's dead body. After what seemed like forever, Hammie was finally spotted in a back corner of the lower part of the oven. With some careful handiwork, Double D was able to pull the little corpse out and he was placed in a nice little Victoria's Secret bag that Julia had picked out for his coffin.

The bag was taken to the dumpster, and plenty of Lysol was sprayed in and around the oven.

Julia burned a candle on top of the stove in Hammie's memory.

Then she decided that she never again wanted a pet hamster.

(Written by Julia).

Julia goes to Playboy Club!!

Tonight Julia went out with a small group of girls from Sapphire to promote the club. Everyone went together to the Playboy Club at The Palms Hotel & Casino. The purpose of the trip was to hand out Sapphire passes and drink cards and encourage people to visit Sapphire. Julia had never been to the Playboy Club before, but she has been hearing a lot about it since it opened recently. You take an elevator up to what seems like nearly the top of the building. The club consists of several rooms, with a casino, a lounge, and a few bars. The colors are black and red, and there are revolving pictures of Hugh Hefner, his girlfriends, new and old covers of Playboy Magazine, etc. on the walls. In one of the rooms there is a nice fireplace with comfortable chairs to sit and relax in. The cocktail waitresses and card dealers are all dressed in classic bunny costumes, and Julia thought they were all very cute! Overall the atmosphere was laid back and the view is awesome! You need Playboy Club!

And when you are done winning lots of money there, don't forget to come to Sapphire and visit Julia and Tatiana !!

(Written by Julia).

Thoughts on Blood Diamond

Last week Tatiana watched the movie, Blood Diamond . She highly, highly recommends it, and she thinks it should had received an Oscar instead of The Departed (she agrees that it's a very good movie also, though the story is played out, but guesses that The Academy finally let Scorsese have his Oscar).
Tatiana wants to share that she has been aware of the dirty (mildly put) diamond business for some years now and she does not want a diamond. If Tatiana ever gets married, this is certainly not something she strives for, she would much rather go on a beautiful, interesting and memorable trip somewhere than have a rock on her finger. This world has gone mad when women all over think that love is measured by the carats they carry on their finger.
There was a time, many years ago, when Tatiana longed for princess cut diamond earrings but when she found out about some of the circumstances under which some diamonds are harvested, she was disgusted and lost all her appetite for such things.
Tatiana wears her plastic rings and various "fake" stones and Hello Kitty bracelets and necklaces with pride. She feels sorry for girls that are brainwashed by the media and society to feel the need to have a diamond to show off.
She hopes more people will wake up and take interest in what's going on in the world instead of living in their sheltered bubbles of imaginary life.
Wake up girls, it is 2007, diamonds are NOT your best friend!!!