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Yesterday Tatiana spoke at a conference about FEMINISM that took place at the Imperial Palace hotel in Las Vegas. She was invited to speak through a friend and she spoke for about one hour to an audience of about 30 people, mostly academics that came from all over the world.
Tatiana spoke about her experiences as a dancer and how it is to live and work in Las Vegas as a woman. She did great and got lots of positive feedback from the audience and she even got beautiful flowers, it was a good experience.
Regarding the topic of feminism, dancing and how it is to live and work in Vegas....
well Tatiana has many opinions and sometimes much to say about it depending on how motivated she feels.
Feel free to ask any questions!
Basically she feels that a dancer (stripper, exotic dancer) does not have to be a victim (Tatiana certainly is not), can carry herself well and speak in an intelligent and intellectual manner, behave well (meaning not sell herself out for some extra money). There's much more to be said about this but for now this will be sufficient.

We like reading!

Tatiana is reading a book she would like to recommend to you, it is called 2012, The Return Of Quetzalcoatl and the author is Daniel Pinchbeck. She also read another of his books called Breaking Open The Head which she loves.
Julia has been reading some of Augusten Burroughs books lately.
The girls are avid book readers and they think everybody benefits from reading a book now and then.
What do you like to read?


Yesterday Julia and Tatiana went to some mud baths in Tecopa, a place about 1 1/2 drive from Vegas. The mud baths are outdoors in the wilderness and look like two small muddy swampish lakes with lots of mud on the bottom. You have to get used to the smell which is sometimes overwhelmingly eggy.
The girls immersed themselves, clad in only g-string bottoms, in the hot, muddy water and rubbed the mud all over themselves. It was like getting a fancy spa treatment,
but for free! The girls love going to the spa! Let's go together!

Tatiana goes camping

Last Tuesday Tatiana decided she had enough of the city and packed up her 4 Runner and went camping together with her dog Chhaya. Sometimes a girl just needs a break!
First, she went to Ash Springs, a place she has been to before which is about 100 miles North of Las Vegas. Ash Springs are some beautiful outdoor hot springs. She spent the night there and the following day she decided to continue going North to explore Caliente, Panaca and Pioche. She went to a national park called Cathedral Gorge and thought that Pioche, an old mining town, was very picturesque. She spent the night in the forest, trying to tune in to some interesting radio stations. The next morning she found a small lake in Panaca which Chhaya really liked and where Tatiana worked on her tan, after that she drove back to Ash Springs for another night under the stars.
The next day she sadly concluded it was time to drive back to reality. As soon as Tatiana entered the 15 freeway she started feeling anxious.
The next time she goes on an adventure Tatiana wants to drive up to northern Nevada by the Idaho border and continue West to Reno and then head back through central Nevada. She can't wait.......

Colon Cleansing

Tatiana lazily woke up around noon and stretched her long limbs. She rolled over and checked her phone, there were already a few messages from Julia waiting.
Julia wrote, "Lets get colon hydrotherapy!". She had found a coupon for a special introductory rate for only $ 25 and was very excited about it. "Let's do a poop flush and lose 10 pounds!", Julia exclaimed.
Tatiana didn't need much convincing, she decided that lying on a table with a tube stuck into her butt while getting her colon flushed and cleansed sounded great!
The girls decided on doing this sometime in the near future and DON'T WORRY,
they will keep your curiosity satisfied and will write all about it when it is done.

Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez dj'd at Jet last night and Tatiana and Julia went because Tatiana really likes him, when Julia got a sight of him she liked him too.
Jet was rather crowded and somewhat annoying at times but still fun and the girls stayed until the very end and Tatiana got one of her Roger cd's signed by him. Yeay!
They had a fleeting thought of going over to Empire Ballroom for an appearance but decided to save that for another time.