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Tatiana woke up thinking "Tokidoki". That means SOMETIMES in Japanese and it is also a clothing brand and a purse brand. Julia and Tatiana love Tokidoki and they have been on a hunt for some Tokidoki purses for some time now.
So the girls spent this Sunday afternoon shopping at the malls in Mandalay Bay and Alladin. No Tokidoki purses this time, the girls couldn't find what they wanted.
Instead they got four pairs of very cute panties and some pink knee high socks at Urban Outfitters, they each got a Harajuku Lovers shirt and some eye cream with tourmaline from Aveda because Julia has been fearing eye wrinkles lately.
The girls love shopping of course. Julia still needs to find some new jeans, maybe Juicy or Frankie B and Tatiana has her mind set on some Kabbalah candles.
Do YOU have any suggestions?

Happy Valentines Day!

So Valentines Day came and went and you probably want to know what two lovely girls like Julia and Tatiana did on a day like this?
Well.....they turned down the hundreds of offers they got for dinners, movies etc. and drove to Los Angeles instead to go and party with their friends Keoki and Juicy Jay,
plus all the other glamor whores and club kids in a dark club at Santa Monica Blv.
They fit right in.
They carefully planned their outfits which were matching and had a Hello Kitty theme of course. Julia thought these were the best outfits so far.
The party was fun, not a whole lot of people showed up and Julia and Tatiana were the highlights there. Afterwards they were too tired to do anything so they retired to their hotel for some much needed sleep.
The next day they did dome shopping at Fred Segal and Kitson and enjoyed some banana smoothies at Urrth Cafe before driving back to Vegas. They did have time to stop at Ikea for their much longed for dose of meatballs with the potatoes and lingonberries. Mouthwatering!
Upon arrival in Vegas they stopped by a local club called The Red Room where their friend Buckaroo Jake did a great set dj ing. He is one of Las Vegas better dj's and producers.
That was their little Valentines Day......What did you do?