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Come see us!

You need some Tatiana and Julia?!
They are to be found at club Sapphire in Las Vegas on a regular basis. The club is located at 3025 Industrial Road, the number is 702 7966000. It is better to call first and make sure the girls are there, ask for TATI or JULIA. The two lovelies usually arrive around 10 pm. Or send them an e mail and they will respond.
The girls are not always there, sometimes they travel, or go to raves, or sit at home and wax their legs......or......

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).

New Club

After a very disappointing night at Crazy Horse Too the girls decided they needed a change and tried another club in town, they went to Sapphire.
It was a Friday night and pretty busy and overall it went well so they decided to return there. Though Tatiana didn't at all like the stage at Sapphire, she felt it was too high up and blasted the girls with horrible bright and unflattering lights. She missed the stage at The Deuce (Crazy Horse Too) where going on stage was actually a fun thing instead of a mildly traumatizing experience.
But she did like the large screen at Sapphire playing music videos, especially when Keoki came on, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared in a trance, shrieking to Julia to look too. Also it is something to be occupied by when bored - stare at the music videos.
YOU NEED to come and see the girls when you are in town, just make sure to find out what club they are are at! CAPISH?!

Tatiana's night at home

It is Tatiana's second night at home alone....... She is feeling very lazy but happy.
You must wonder what Tatiana does with her days, well here is just a little scrape on the surface....
The first night or evening she went to Borders where she met up with Julia for their ritual of iced vanilla lattes with a big heap of whipped cream on top and the latest editions of gossip magazines. Tatiana then went home and watched two movies she had rented, One Perfect Day and Wassup Rockers - she was disappointed with both. She does not recommend them. She also cooked lots of very delicious pasta, she made it with fresh tomatoes and garlic and pesto.
Btw last time Julia was sick which was about a month ago in Denver the girls went to the Polish store for some medical advice and the old lady gave Julia a remedy that consisted of eating lots of raw garlic and drinking a large glass of warm milk with butter. Yum.....Julia did what the old wise lady told her.
Back to Tatiana's she ate her pasta and had ice cream for dessert while watching movies and some tv. Tatiana does not believe in diets, she loves food too much, but she will occasionally complain about her cellulite.
The second night she indulged in cleaning her house, Tatiana loves cleaning, she feels it is like a mild form of therapy, for free nonetheless. Then it was movie time again,
this time she watched A Scanner Darkly it was ok but not great Tatiana thought.
She ate lots throughout the day, she finished the pasta. Tatiana reeks of garlic tonight.
Tatiana was also pondering about new introduction lines to use at work. How about, "What is happening Vanillaface?", Tatiana thinks that sounds promising. Or, "Are you Bilo from Kazakhstan?"
Furthermore she listened to Coast To Coast on AM radio, one of her favorite things to do and read the whole issue of the latest Adbusters magazine that she highly recommends to everyone. That made her do some overall philosophizing about the current state of The World and different issues that humanity is facing and her role in all of it. You should know that one of her favorite quotes is from Gandhi, "Be the change that you want to see in the world".
She also sent out very witty and hilarious text messages to everybody listed in her phone whether they wanted to share the wit or not.
You might think that a girl like Tatiana spends most of her time in front of the mirror or some other shallow activity, well not so much.....Some days like these she does not shower, wash her face or brush her teeth for days. There are days when it is nice not to bother with things like that.....

Thoughts about Denver, CO

In July 2006, we decided to go to Denver, Colorado
and work at a club called Shotgun Willie's. This would
be the first trip to Colorado for both Tatiana and Julia.

Vegas is scorching hot in the summer, and the heat
brings out high levels of crankiness and an overall
feeling of lethargy in Tatiana and Julia. So we packed
our bags, rented a car, and began our journey to Denver.

Once we arrived, we found a cheap weekly motel called
the Niagara House. The following day we went to
Shotgun Willies, and to Julia's horror, had to audition
on stage. We were hired, and Julia actually made
some good tip money during the audition. Later, she
discovered a stain on her underwear that she had
worn during the audition. How embarrassing!!

Though Julia initially hated Shotguns, the club grew on
her, and she actually missed it during some uneventful
nights at Crazy Horse Too.

Since the first trip back in July, we have been back a
total of three times.

Overall, we like Shotguns and we will probably make
more appearances during 2007. It looks like this year
will have many more travels in store for us. Julia and
Tatiana are talking about going to work in New York,
Detroit, Wyoming (hey, there are guys who need us
there too!), Alaska, South Carolina, and maybe even
Japan. But for the moment we are back home in
Las Vegas, so come say hello if you are in the

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).

BORAT all night long....

We decided to do our best Borat/Talladega Nights
impressions all night long, whether the patrons of
Crazy Horse Too liked it or not. We like a lot !

We ended up meeting some guys straight off the
‘airbus’ from Poland. Julia had a connection with one
of them, which led to a very SEXYTIME dance. At the
end, he gave her one of the most interesting and
sincere compliments ever.

“Nice smell !!” He said enthusiastically.
“You come to my hotel, yes?!”

Although he was super cute, Julia had to explain that
she could only keep him company in the club.

High Five !!

(Written by Julia).

Back at the DEUCE....

Tonight was our first night back at Crazy Horse Too
since before New Years. The night seemed to drag
on and on, way too many girls as usual and to make things
even worse, Vice (police) were walking around the club with
clipboards hawking over girls, trying to see if
inappropriate lap dances were in effect.

We got cranky due to the lack of excitement, so we
retreated back to our locker for some crackers and
gossip magazines. Just as we got comfortable,
Tatiana's name came blaring through the intercom.
Someone was waiting at the gift shop, perhaps it was
Santa making a belated toy run !? We both decided to
go investigate. It turned out to be a man Tatiana had
met about two months ago that had happily given her
one of the best massages ever. He was back for more.
For the next two hours Tatiana was busy getting a
massage by Heze. They were both very happy.

Julia, on the other hand, found herself entertaining a
married couple. They got several dances, definitely
SEXYTIME !! The wife, who looked remarkably like Hillary
Swank, mentioned she was searching for some pasties
for her boss's new boob job. Since Crazy Horse has a
stripper boutique (where even PARIS HILTON shops!),
we took the wife there and she found the perfect pair
of pasties for the occasion.

Shake N Bake, Baby !!

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).

New Year ....

Julia and Tatiana want to wish everyone a VERY happy New Year !!

We are working on the journal right now and plan to have many, many entries for people to read very soon.


(Written by Tatiana & Julia).