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Jenna! U need Fargo Sisters!!

Julia and Tatiana went to see Jenna Jameson at the
newest Las Vegas strip club Minxx.....Minxx had full page ads in
the Weekly promoting the event as if Jenna would be
Julia is a HUGE Jenna fan....(had her sign book at
Virgin a few years ago).
Julia and Tatiana arrived at Minxx early, very
excited. Mingled a little bit and were introduced to
one of the investors of Minxx (who was also under the
impression that Jenna would be performing).
Julia and Tatiana overheard that table reservations
for that night (11/4) went for $1,000 a table.
After two hours of waiting impatiently Jenna finally
arrived on the arm of her latest boyfriend TITO ORTIZ
(UFC fighter). Tito looked like he weighed about 200
pounds more than tiny Jenna.
Tito and Jenna were seated in a booth where they sat
sipping drinks and cuddling with each other -
not paying much attention to anything else.
Julia and Tatiana walked by the booth a few times
hoping to catch Jenna's eye so that Julia could take a
picture with Jenna (no success).
Two more hours passed and Julia and Tatiana noticed a
stack of T-shirts sitting in the booth with Jenna.
It was getting late and Julia and Tatiana were getting
bored with Minxx and waiting around for Jenna's
promised performance.
Suddenly Jenna and Tito walked upstairs to the VIP
area of the club. Julia and Tatiana followed them up
there and heard Jenna telling the owner of Minxx that
she wanted to sell her T-shirts. After some talking,
Jenna smiled and posed for a picture with the owner.
Jenna and Tito returned to their booth and stayed
there, despite the DJ announcing Jenna's presence
Julia and Tatiana also found out (from another one of
the club's investors) that the previous night Tera
Patrick was supposed to "perform" at Minxx.
She showed up but planted herself in a booth and didn't
move all night.
Julia and Tatiana stared at Jenna a lot and Julia
thought Jenna looked much skinnier than she had at the
book signing a few years ago. She looked very frail
and unhealthy. Julia and Tatiana decided that Jenna
needs to take better care of herself instead of
getting involved with new boyfriends. Then the girls
decided that they had had enough waiting (four hours
total) and they were going to find something else to

**Jenna wore her hair down, it looked really good and
she wore a sparkling dress and heels**

**Nikki Stixx from Motley Crue showed up around 1am.
He was seated in the booth next to Jenna's and he was
with a Jenna look-a-like.**

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).