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At Shotgun Willie’s in Denver there are a total of seven
stages. There is only a pole on one of them and you
are up there for three songs at a time. This makes for
many stage appearances during the night. After the
first song, our artistic imagination is used up and
things get boring. Julia usually sticks with her conveyer
belt routine and Tatiana shows her ingrown hairs to
whoever will look.

The music at Shotgun’s is picked by the DJ and ranges
from horrible to laugh inducing to even embarrassing,
with a few good songs strewn in here and there.

At Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas, there is one stage
(with a pole, of course!) which you only perform on if
you are in the mood. Two songs that you pick yourself.
Julia doesn’t even bother with the stage here but
Tatiana does. Tatiana believes she is educating the
masses with her choices in tunes. Always techno and

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).