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Wrapping Up

Every Christmas I take on a way too big load upon myself and each year I think to myself that I need to scale back the next year but I don't. I would feel guilty if I did, I probably need to see a therapist to get to the bottom of this guilt I like to remember people and make them feel special, it's nice. I spent a few hours yesterday and today with writing Christmas cards and decorating each card with stickers, putting stuff in boxes, writing addresses.....basically wrapping everything up.
Today I was hoping to get my annual Christmas card with Chhaya taken. I had everything ready and then I stepped outside and decided that I couldn't do it, it was way too cold to stand outside and pose for pictures while trying to keep my teeth from shattering, ignoring that my fingers are frozen numb while attempting to look cute. Maybe tomorrow. All the Christmas gifts and cards will be sent out a little later than I had planned.....but better late than never. Here are some of the gifts and Chhaya wondering if there's something fun for her in there to open.

So instead me and Chhaya bundled up and drove into town for some latte and grocery shopping. She looking stylish in her new red coat.

The pretty view from the road by my house.

And when I was returning home the moon and the sky looked absolutely gorgeous. The moon is full tomorrow.


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Annette on :

That is a beautiful picture of the moon. And of course I looooooove the look on Chhaya's ;-) Are you counting down the day's till your birthday? I hope you get lot's of presents!!!

Tatiana on :

Not really counting down......I know it's coming, fast. I booked a facial on my birthday but I think I am going to cancel it and do it another time because I have some other things planned.

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