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Christmas Party

Tonight....well technically last night, we had a Christmas party at work. A very merry Christmas party, the drinks and shots were flowing abundantly and free, there was lots of food and gifts. I brought a bunch of gifts but half of them are in my locker since some people didn't show up. Oh well, they will get their gifts another time.

We even have a tree. Since I have been a very good girl all year I got exactly what I wished for......a large bucket of popcorn and a huge dildo.....oh and a check (inside the card). Now I can stay at home for another week without being bored, since I will be busy eating popcorn and getting acquainted with my new friend. I can't wait!

Actually.....that dildo belongs to the club (yea we are weird and kinky like that). I found it on top of our non working and dust collecting vending machine and put it under the clock at the bar a few weeks ago and named it "the cock under the clock" and I would threaten people with a good time while pointing that thing on them (used on them NOT on me, thank you very much) if they didn't tip me enough. Well, tonight a girl (that shall remain anonymous) took that dildo hostage, she "stole" it from me and I guess she will be having a very merry evening tonight. :-D


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