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I had a busy day today and got a lot done. Shopping. You can never have too much of the good stuff, toilet paper, as you can see!

I also bought an electric blanket. My first. Am I officially an old lady now? Something for me and Chhaya to enjoy and cuddle under. I did some cleaning. Laundry. Put up Christmas decorations. Right now, I'm watching the Nelson Mandela memorial service spectacle from Johannesburg on TV out of the corner of my eye while writing this. Nelson had a kind face and a warm smile. I read up a bit on Winnie Mandela, one of his ex wives, she seems to be a mean old lady. But the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon is super cute! I think I have developed a new crush, too bad he is married! In the spirit of Nelson Mandela.....let's spread some Ubuntu for the remainder of 2013! ❤

And on that note (or not) one of the things that irk me right now is that strange trend of waitstaff that make up lies about not getting tipped due to them being fat/gay/black/ugly or whatever else nonsense they can come up with. It turns into a national sob story. Then people with soft and big hearts donate to these people and then it turns out that it was all a lie. Listen, if you want to make good tips then take these tips from Tatiana (free of charge too!), loose weight, become good looking or at least somewhat attractive (thick layers of MAC studio fix and fake lashes work wonders for even the homely looking), wear something skimpy and sparkly and go strip somewhere. I guarantee that you will make tons of tips. I can barely take a step in any direction at work without getting bills in every denomination thrown at me. See the fake lashes really do work!
But seriously. I should start my own national sob story. Poor dancer didn't get tipped while on stage. She now feels awful and deeply hurt. She feels ugly/fat/not worthy! This traumatic event might have scarred her for a long time. Please good and generous people of the USA, let the spirit of giving flow and donate to this poor dancer/stripper in her time of need.
I wonder how much money I could make? I have been on stage plenty of times while some smiling yahoo with no money has been sitting there. Sometimes I say something and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just kick the stage hard where the yahoo is sitting and glare at him (sometimes it's a she). That will usually generate a few dollars. Look, waitstaff.....I know you work for tips, so do I.....I understand ok. At least ya'll don't have to pay for the pleasure of working at whatever restaurant you are at. And you get an hourly wage, I don't. But come on now. Tipping is for the most part a voluntary activity. As I think it should be. The employers should increase the hourly wages so it becomes a fair living wage.
That lame former "marine" gay woman that made up that pathetic story about not getting tipped while working as a waitress due to an objection to her chosen lifestyle (gay) freakin' lame is she! All "minorities" that are employed as waitstaff, cash in before it's too late! I would rather donate my money to somebody that really needs it (like animals in need) than some greedy waiter or waitress crying over not making any tips. I made $ 15 total the other night. It was a slow night. But I'm still happy. No national sob story/collection here. But I really should start one just to see what I could get out of it........ ;-)


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Mandy/Jasmine on :

Sometimes I want to join a church and tell them I'm a recovering gay stripper that needs help financially, but then I remember I'm not a total asshole.

Tatiana on :

Ha Ha.....yes.....some people have MORALS actually!

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