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Good Night and Good Morning

It's about 3 30 am and I'm in bed after working. I've been home for a while already, a rather uneventful night tonight, except that I got a new compliment to add to my list of "unusual" ones......."People fought wars for a beauty like you." Yeah, I know - the last one that comes to mind this early in the morning is the Trojan War, Helen of Troy. Maybe it's time for a new war like that, the war over Tatiana of Alaska. I wouldn't mind a giant wooden horse either.
One more thing. A while back some production company came across my blog and thought that I was in Williston. They contacted me and were talking about filming a reality series or some kind of a show/documentary. I informed them of my whereabouts (Alaska, not North Dakota) and I recently found out that they called the club here in town wanting to arrange to film here. One more brush with near fame. :-) But the owner said no. He wants to keep a low profile. I myself think it would had been great to film here, actually quite hilarious and a guaranteed hit, I can promise you that much, we get some fun characters that visit the club. Plus the girls......and everything else that goes on. So besides reading my blog every day, you could had seen me in action on TV once a week.
Did anyone drink their morning coffee yet? When I wake up I'm going to have mine. Kaladi is my fave here. Why? I like the taste. Also they have the option of natural vanilla flavor instead of regular vanilla. And they have dog treats there, Chhaya know this very well and expects a treat after every trip we make to Kaladi. That's my new coffee mug btw. One of my other ones went missing, it's gone and I have no clue to what I did with it. Weird.
Well......I'm going to wash my face and go to sleep. So good night to me and good morning to you!


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Annette on :

Can you contact that company and relocate to a club that would allow them to film? I would love to see you in action being yourself incredible self :-) ....and making me laugh!

Tatiana on :

I'm going to see if I can convince the owner of the club here to reconsider. He is older and set in his ways. But this could become bigger than "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." I see the potential!

Annette on :

I am excited for you ;-). I am believing it will work out. I just tipped the little man that delivered my Chinese food $13.... It is -25 with the windchill here and I am thankful I live in a place where they deliver. It made my day to see his face light up.....I was a waitress in my previous life. Jax is going to the the University of Mn for physical therapy. He is going to get in the water treadmill. If I can film him and put it on YouTube I will let you know.

Tatiana on :

Yes.....let me know if you make a Jax movie!

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