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The Cups Are Runneth Over

Help, I have a bra collection needs more room, the cups are runneth over!

There are now 19 bra's somehow crammed into the two top bins. Then there are two bins loaded with panties. And the bin on the bottom contains triangle bras and some g-strings. What am I going to do with all this when I quit dancing? Auction off some of the bra's and panties to my fans? Store it all away somewhere and forget about it? Maybe go through it 50 years from now and think back of the days gone by? I have several old outfits in Vegas that I would never dream of wearing at work again.

These are my latest Honey Dew's. On the door to my locker some of my fave ladies. Rihanna......I love her. I think she should be my girlfriend. Oh yummy! Kate.....I love her too,
I love everything about Kate, her face is absolutely exquisite and flawless. I need to get the latest issue of Playboy, Kate is on the cover and on several pages in the magazine.
Laetitia, just because I like the way she looks, gorgeous. I am very drawn to the aesthetically pleasing, well my interpretation of it. We all have our own ideas of what we like.


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Paul on :

Auction for charity ;-)

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