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Here I am.....tired again. I feel like a zombie. Maybe I am a zombie? Maybe I am just like this .

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I need my latte every day, I buy stuff, I work, I pay bills, gas, food.....I do this, I do that. I just DO. Am I a consumer desensitized, latte-drinking, tv watching zombie? I don't know. All I know is that I am preparing for Christmas, I have about ten more days of doing and getting before I am done. I can't help myself, at least not this year (again).
I love Adbusters. It brings up stuff that is true but not so comfortable to confront and think about, always. If you have never read Adbusters, look for it at Barnes & Noble. You might take a liking to it.

I've been working too. I hate being bored and idle at work, it's the worst. I try to kill the boredom by reading, joking around, singing loud (my pipes can rival Christina Aguilera's if you catch me in the right moment), practicing my pole tricks (I'm going to have to show them off here soon and brag to all of you), take selfies and sometimes (if it's really boring) I take a nap. I would DIE if I worked in a clothing store, it seems so extremely boring to me, like a nightmare but you can't curl up and take a nap when bored, you just have to suffer through the workday.....fold clothes and stand around looking happy and whatnot. What horror!
Yes, I'd rather dance than work at some boring clothing store, thank you very much.
But another thing I hate at work, on a night when I feel extra annoyed, is stupidity or guys that think they are so sexy and suave and think that I should see this in them too and they hit on me and I'm like, "Ewwwww, just go away and leave me alone!" If you are not Rihanna or Vladimir Putin then I'm not interested. The other night some poor guy even admitted his own stupidity, he said that he was not that intelligent. I couldn't do much else than feel kind of bad for him. He was dumb, yes he was. A total bore. Do NOT expect me to try and engage you in some kind of a giving conversation, some people have limits on how smart they are, you can only bring out so much in them. I am a very impatient person and I can't stand being subjected to somebody daft. My body gets a restless feeling, I lose interest and start concentrating on other things. I'd much rather sit in serene quiet than talk about absolute nonsense or try to talk to somebody that is just dumb. And yes I know, dumb is not always a bad thing. You can be dumb but very kind. And kindness is a virtue. But I am kind and intelligent. ;-) Therefore, I go insane when I sometimes get subjected to the not so bright ones. On a night when I don't want to be bothered.
Last night some repeat idiot came in (meaning he was at the club not too long ago). Just like last time he was drunk and mean. Talking trash about the girls, we are ugly, whores, some are fat, gross bla bla bla.....girls in Seattle are better looking bla bla bla.....Guess, who finally told the asshole to shut the fuck up or else? Me. Of course. Do not come into my place of work and loudly insult me or any other girl working in there (regardless of if I like that girl or not).
I just won't have any of that. You think the girls in some other club are better? Good then get the fuck out of my place of business and go to that other club. How rude! After telling him what's up, he apologized several times. Of course. They all do. I told him to shut his mouth, go sit away from me and spend money or go home. He ended up falling asleep all alone by some table, a taxi came and hauled him out of there. Kind of sad, to get drunk like that in a public place, all alone. I felt a bit bad for him. But hey, don't take your issues and frustrations out on me, ok. Then some guy said, "But you are as good as it gets, in any club." Yes, thank you but I know this already. Even Clay (the dj) thinks I'm a goddess (his own words) and he has seen many ladies come and go over his 20 years working in the club. I know what I look like. That is not the point. You do not come into any club, sit down and loudly start spewing your nasty opinions around. Some girl might actually get sad. Me? You can think I'm ugly and this or that all you want, it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is your behavior. So shut the fuck up or I will shut you up real quick. Thank You, that was all from me today. This zombie is going to take a nap now.


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