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Some Things.....

After pulling up some pictures I can see that some things only get better with age. I decided. I'm sitting here having a hot chai, feeling kind of sad I guess. It's time for some new adventures.


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Annette on :

Yay new adventures.......I am looking forward to reading about them. You made Burning Man seem like a super epic cosmic event. You write so make my day :-) BTW Jax is a trooper, it is me that is having a hard time.

Tatiana on :

I just described Burning Man exactly the way it was and you nailed it, it IS a super epic cosmic event!

Paul on :

Addicted already! Cool new look.

Did you already post that middle pic?

Tatiana on :

Glad you like the new look, it was about time.....the other pic was no longer relevant.
Yes, I have posted the middle pic, back in March 2010, you can see it here!.html


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