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Sunday today.....some Sundays I do errands.....going to the grocery store and exciting things like that. So today when walking into a store I saw a guy sitting outside the front doors with his two dogs. I have seen him around here before, sitting outside the stores or walking around town. The reason I pay attention is because of the two dogs that are with him. I also noticed that he was rather loudly reprimanding his dogs. I felt bad for them. So on the way out of the store instead of passing them by I walked up and asked if I could pet his dogs.
They were very friendly, wagging tails, coming close and licking my hands. Sweeties! I noticed that they were skinny, not scary bony but not well fed. I asked the guy if he was homeless and he told me that he lives in his car. Then I asked him if he would be ok with me getting his dogs something to eat and he was. So I got them canned food and some chicken jerky. As far as the guy goes, he is not old or handicapped, at least not visibly disabled. I can only hope that he gets food stamps so he can feed himself. But the dogs.....well they depend on their caregiver for food and I just couldn't walk by today pretending that I didn't see or care, I had to feed those dogs, they were hungry. All pets deserve a good life with care, love and respect.
I don't take my life for granted, at least I try not to. I might very well end up homeless one day, who knows?

I had a great conversation with my friend Juliana today. Most of my friends live far away.
I wish I could see them on a regular basis because I miss them. We were talking about men, relationships and sex. How so many guys don't understand how important it is to pay attention to their wife of girlfriend, after a while it's like you get taken for granted and yes that will affect the sex life for most couples (yes?). Totally understandable. I blurted out something that made us both laugh, "Don't point your erection in my direction expecting to get affection." It takes a bit more effort than that! Another friend of mine that recently got married has written up a form of contract/guidelines for their relationship with her husband.
I think it is great. Basically, he is not allowed to whine and sulk if he is not getting sex when he wants to. Acting like a toddler and throwing tantrums is not sexy when you are an adult man. Definitely NOT a turn on. Also, if he wants sex he needs to put in some effort and pay attention to her by either giving her a good foot rub or a massage. And if he does a half assed job he will get half assed sex, you get what you put in. This might not sound very romantic for some but I think it is a great idea. Intimacy is so much more than an erection that needs attention. Most women can actually take it or leave it. Don't be fooled by porn, that is not reality and that is not how women work, especially not if you have been together for a while. I am tired of listening to or reading about guys complaining about sex, not getting enough sex from their partner. Boooooohoooooo! Guess what buddy? Shut up and pay more attention to your partner, I promise that it will lead to more sex. Unless she has already grown resentful of you and your shit and is planning her escape.

There was also some drama at work last night. I am going to refrain from saying too much about it for now but I guess I am DEFIANT. Hell yes, I am defiant and proudly too! I'd rather be defiant than a sheep. Rather be defiant than some nasty hooker at work or one of the girls that steals guys wallets or leads them on, pretending to be their girlfriend and shit. I actually need to write an entry about that......there are many gullible men in this town, it's sad or rather comical actually. Is it possible for men to think with their real brain, you know the one on top of their shoulders when it comes to promises of some random vagina? Or does the small brain located in their member that is in between their legs take over?


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Mr B on :

Leadership is a lonely profession. You would command Alexander's attention. We would have to run like hell!

Tatiana on :

Absolutely, very lonely. But that is ok.....I'd rather do what is right for me than stoop down to a low level. Misery loves company and I am done with keeping negative people company.
I would had been Alexander's right hand woman.

Dee on :

Why do you stay in this enviroment? It is so contradicting to what you stand for, I think it is becoming toxic for you. You could challenge yourself in so many other occupations. I am not judging you, but seriously you are way past being a dancer. You are needed in many other more rewarding jobs.

Tatiana on : are is kind of contradictory to what I stand for therefore I am doing it in the best way I can without ever crossing my boundaries.
And I do have to admit that I am a bit lazy and comfortable and not sure what I want to do "when I grow up." So the dancing is getting me by but at the same time I know that the day will come, sooner I hope rather than later when I will quit the dancing and focus on something else.
The dancing has its good moments but it is definitely NOT intellectually challenging or stimulating. Unless I have the rare instances to be engaging in a conversation with an intelligent person at work and that does happen, once in a while......

Juliana on :

That's the beauty of having a great friend, being able to talk to them about what's truly in your heart. As for intimacy between couples, communication is the key, and a desire to make things really work. Marriages, relationships--romantic or platonic really DO take work...lots of it. Being lazy in personal affairs is dangerous. You only get back what you put into things in life and I think relationships are the most
accurate representation of that energy.
I also believe that if there is truly a strong foundation that things will work out. Love, being the catalyst.
As for the dogs, that was really sweet of you to buy them some food...I've done that before too. I just hope he didn't reprimand them too harshly. I would've been a little inquisitive as to why but would've done it in a nonthreatening way, however still getting my point across.
Good night my dear you

Tatiana on :

Yes, I am a firm believer that relationships take work and that does include friendship. But the work is the beauty in it I think, it is nice to have people to care about and do things for, it is one of the things that make life special and fun. If you don't water a plant it will die, same goes for relationships. But if you care for that plant it will bloom.

Paul on :

A lot of women tend to turn off once the pressures of living together, kids, careers start. Most men recognize that and are taking equal share of work at home - not all but an increasing number for sure.

I don't get why men should offer massages to get sex? This after all for both people and strengthens the bond.

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