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In The Mood

I'm in bed watching late night tv and reading blogs. Living the life you know! ;-) Earlier it was Jimmy Fallon, I just love him, he is cute and funny. Last night he talked about the worst songs ever, OMG it was HILARIOUS, I laughed loud and long all by myself like a lunatic, Chhaya woke up from her slumber and got excited, she thought something fun was going on.....but no.....just me laughing at/with Jimmy. He played some song called Do You Have A Garterbelt by Tony Joe White, have you heard of him? He was hot in the 80's maybe. But I need to play that song at work! That is going to be sooooo funny, I love cracking jokes at work. Right now I am watching Katie Lee and Hoda, I don't have cable in case you wonder and I know I have said it before but I love Hoda, I want her to be MY friend, she seems so genuinely nice and she is funny too. Hoda be my friend please!
So tonight after my 29 minute run......I was in the mood for pancakes. Yum.

I have all kinds of animals in my yard. Moose, caribou, rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, lynx, name it. I talk to the animals and tell them that they can hang out all they want and feel safe, eat the grass and drink water from the wheel barrow, nobody will harm them (unless Chhaya goes psycho). I feed the birds and the squirrels. I love my animal friends.
A mama moose and her baby have been sleeping next to the deck for a few nights now, yesterday I had four moose here hanging out and eating the grass. Cute!

Goodnight from me!


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