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The Peaceful Religion.....Strikes Again

So by now I guess that most people have heard about the senseless killings at a mall in Nairobi. Some Islamist group claimed responsibility right away. Aaaaahhhh.....Islam, I've heard that it is supposed to be the peaceful religion. Then how come so many Muslims are out there terrorizing the world in the name of God? Or should I say Allah? Is Allah ok with this happening I wonder? The death toll in that mall shooting in Nairobi is at around 72, maybe more as I am writing this. Some of the attackers are included in that number. Are they martyrs now I also wonder. Do they get to frolic in heaven with 72 virgins? That is a lot of virgins to be having fun with, so I can see that some backwards thinking dude might think that becoming a martyr in the name of Allah is the way to go. Yes! How can you even shoot a 16 year old girl or a pregnant woman, just because.....they are not Muslims? Here is a quote from an interview from The New Yorker. “There was a pregnant woman on the floor, dead” he said. “She was hugging a man. He was also dead. I guess it was her husband.”
And this, "Survivors were claiming that after entering stores and restaurants, the gunmen told Muslims to leave. A police officer told me, “I heard these guys, they came in and asked, ‘Are you Christian?’ They shot you. ‘Are you Muslim?’ They let you go.” Maggie claims that as the gunmen shot the man on the ground, they yelled, “Allahu Akbar!”
This is exhausting. I have cried over this. Felt awful for the victims and their families and friends left behind to deal with the pain. I would feel really bad if I was a Muslim and had to try to make sense of these repeated events, killings in the name of Allah.
I know that there used to be Christian martyrs. I haven't heard of any recent ones. But I do not claim that I know of every single newsworthy event around the globe, so if you know of a recent Christian martyr or any other religion for that matter, besides Islam, please enlighten me. In Sweden we celebrate Saint Lucia on December 13, one of my favorite holidays actually. Lucia was a Christian martyr, said to have plucked out her own eyes. She did not hurt any other people, she did harm to herself. If perhaps I wanted to protest an injustice of some sort.....I would not think that I would make a difference by going into a public place with a machine gun or a bomb, gunning down or blowing up myself and whoever happened to be near me. I would maybe go on a hunger strike or set myself on fire, like I have seen reports of Buddhist monks do. But it seems like spreading the kind word of Islam or protesting something in the name of Allah means mass killings. I've heard that not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists are Muslims. That seems like a fairly accurate statement.
Yes, I know that there are many senseless and brutal killings happening every day, all over the world, committed by all kinds of people. Like those freaks that skinned the dog alive recently, or the severely beaten and tortured pitbull that was put to sleep the other day. Now those freaks DESERVE to die, not for religious reasons but for humanitarian reasons. It is simple, do you want them to live next to you and perhaps one day snap and torture you, your child or your family pet? No, I didn't think so. But the people just massacred in that mall in Nairobi are dead simply because they were not Muslims. Like I said, the peaceful religion strikes again.
Or how about issuing fatwas on people that dare to say something against Islam? That too is a rather peaceful message right? Fatwas can be issued for any questioning or critique against Islam and you might be put on some sort of a hit list, like for example Salman Rushdie or Molly Norris. And no, I am not scared of Muslims or any other religious people for that matter. So, no I am not an Islamophobe, let's get that straight. If you conduct your life in a "normal" matter, you know without randomly killing and torturing innocent beings, then for the most part I don't have a problem with you. Of course I am aware of that there are plenty of Muslims and even personally know Muslims that fall into that category. But I am kind of against organized religion in general, so I will probably have a difference of opinion with many religious folks out there that are against abortion, against women's rights, against gays etc. And the ones that do not treat their animals well. Or throw trash in nature. Nasty behavior in general I do not agree with. But having a difference in opinions is part of living and being human, that does not grant for some senseless killings in that name of some God.


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