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I have been practicing shootin' my GLOCK the last couple of days. And I like shootin', A LOT! :-D
I need to know how to handle the gun in case I have to use it one day. Chhaya gets very excited over anything that goes BOOM, she wants to participate. I have a couple of different clips for my GLOCK, 17 and 32. This is the 32. Meaning it holds 32 bullets....for those who don't know what I am referring to.

My other toy.

And tomorrow I am going to write about the recent shooting of innocent people in Nairobi (you know, in Kenya).


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Paul on :

What do you think of the NRA?

Tatiana on :

I like my toys so therefore I like the NRA.....
On a more serious note, when I lived in Sweden I did not understand why civilians should be allowed to carry guns but I guess I am Americanized now (lol).....because I am kind of ok with (sane and responsible) people owning guns and the NRA. I do not know much about the NRA I have to admit but Americans are pretty adamant about protecting the Bill of Rights and the second amendment does say that the people of the US have the right to keep and bear arms. I know that it would take the police a while to get to my house if I needed them for protection, on the other hand that gun in my hand can protect me in an instant if for some reason I feel unsafe.
I also believe in the right to protect yourself from a government that tries to be totalitarian, seems impossible perhaps that it could happen here but you never know.....

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