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Twilight again!

This afternoon Tatiana and Kennedy went to see Twilight again. They needed to quench their thirst for vampire romance and Edward.
Yes, Tatiana likes vampires (cute ones preferably), faeries, mermaids, pixies and gnomes. Hello Kitty and everything else that is cute.
Afterwards they went to eat at Leroys. They were out of apple pie, Tatiana was disappointed. Then Tatiana did some Christmas shopping, she got Eclipse the third book in the Twilight series and some other things.
A nice thing happened at work last night! Amber came in and surprised Tatiana with some super cute Christmas gifts! So nice! Tatiana got a really cute KANDI bracelet,
a Hello Kitty lunchbox, a Hello Kitty doll, a rave movie (!!!!!) and some other things.
That made Tatiana really happy, Amber is great!
Today it is Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.........magical.......


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