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On My Way

So.....let's start with a pic of last nights view that I saw while driving to work. SO pretty! That is Mount Redoubt in the background, an active volcano.

We had another sunny and gorgeous day today. Me and Chhaya went walking in Kenai,
I found a new place to take her, it is really nice and close to the beach. Then I had to get ready for my trip. I do not like traveling, I get anxious, everything feels like a chore, the packing.....then the unpacking, the airport, the flight. I also don't like returning to a messy house, so I always try to make sure things look nice before I leave. UGH...... And I hate leaving Chhaya , that is the WORST part. So I am already counting down the days until I can see her and my beautiful home again.......

I hope I didn't forget anything important. I got goggles, a dust mask and my head lamp,
I guess sand storms are common at the Black Rock Desert. My checked bag weighed 49 lbs. There are at least 61 000 tickets sold for this years Burning Man and the limit is 68 000. I will be in that crowd! I feel very happy, excited and a bit nervous..... :-D

I am writing this at the airport. Saw Dan Brown's new book Inferno . Getting that when I get back, it is too thick to bring with me on this trip.


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