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Another sunny and warm day here today. So nice! I actually laid out for a bit but had to retreat inside because I don't want to burn. Drove into town for some errands and grabbed a pizza at St. Elias. I usually eat Margherita, no meat.

I have to show you these pretty potatoes, straight from around here. No pesticides, just pure goodness.

Besides that I have lots to do before tomorrow. I am not stressed....yet. On the other hand I am mentally tired, it has been a month or so of way too much drama for my liking. I like my life calm, quiet and happy. I am not a drama person. Sigh......a BIG sigh.....that is all I can muster for now.


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..... on :

You have inspired me to journey inward to places I never thought possible to go (and return). You have changed the world into a much nicer place.

Tatiana on :

That is so nice to hear!

Annette on :

When is your trip to Burning Man...I love how you take us with you on your adventures :-)

Tatiana on :

I'm leaving tomorrow....yeay! I feel happy and a bit first Burning Man!

Annette on :

I am looking forward to all you will share :-) Sending you many good thoughts. Have fun!!!

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