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I felt a bit sluggish today, it has been raining a lot here....almost everyday. I felt a slight headache earlier and since I am working tonight I took an Excedrin, I can't function with a headache. Especially not at work.
Last night at work somebody wanted to talk to me about my sexuality. This is a topic I don't talk about. I am never excited (sexually) at work and I do not claim that I am to entice guys to get a dance. That's kind of....ewwwww you know? Once in a while when I am in a funny mood I will talk in a heavy Borat accent about VAGINES and Bilo but besides that I do not have much to say about my sexuality. I am very normal I guess. The way I describe myself is.....I am a vanilla pillow queen. That's how it is.....take it or leave it.
I was actually in a funny mood last night, I was making my best Borat impressions, I also pretended to be Bear Grylls hunting for fish with a spear. Then I spotted a feathery face mask hanging on the wall, so I put that on and jumped on stage in my regular clothes.....rain boots and sweats. I am going to put that mask on another time, ask for dances and see what happens. If I am ever bored I can always amuse myself.
I am reading a new book, Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman, it's good. is getting colder here. I had to put on a scarf for the evening walk with Chhaya, two more months and the snow will be here.

But I need to hurry now, it is almost 9 pm, I need to slap on my lashes and go. My fans at work are patiently waiting!


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