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The 3 Women That Visit Strip Clubs

And this will be the third and last (for now at least) entry that I copy from The Domino Effect . Her blog is very informative and interesting. You should check it out, here

These are merely my observations. I don’t mean to “slut shame” anyone or sound discriminating.

1. The Insecure Girlfriend That Wants To Be “Cool”

The dancers know who I’m talking about. This is the girl that comes in with her boyfriend because he wanted to go. She doesn’t want to say no because she doesn’t want to seem controlling. She may also just want to keep an eye on him. They may come with or without his friends. She sits at a table with her arms crossed, looking incredibly nervous. When a dancer speaks to her or tries to get her to loosen up, she blushes and turns away. She isn’t necessarily rude, overtly judgmental, or catty. She either doesn’t speak up when a dancer takes a dollar off of her or lifts her shirt, or she refuses to partake in any shenanigans.

Tatiana's input.....Yes, I have seen her and observed her. Some girls are very uncomfortable in a strip club environment, it can be a lot for virgin eyes to take in. Especially if you go with your boyfriend and feel insecure. I understand. Try to relax, I am not going to hurt you or try to take your boyfriend. I always respect girls that come in (unless they act catty). I am a feminist after all.

2. The Bitchy “Strippers Are Sluts” Girl

She’s always there with a group, usually on a Friday or Saturday night or a drinking holiday. She orders a drink and stands with a group of girls, occasionally turning around to look at the girl on stage and whisper about her, just like junior high. She’s the jealous, insecure type, but she’d never let you know it. She’s very catty, obviously judgmental, and thinks she is better than the dancers. This is the same type of girl that may compete with the dancers by grinding on guys in her group. She’s also prone to drunken dancing like a moron with her girlfriends. These are the girls that also may come with their significant other in order to supervise him.

Tatiana's input.....Oh yes, I have seen this girl many times. She glares and talks shit about us dancers with her girlfriends. They don't like us dancers, we are the sluts that are beneath them. They are the good girls. We get naked, for money. Almost always the group of good girls will get drunk and sloppy, they will get up and gyrate and grind and hump each other or their boyfriends. It usually looks pathetic and us dancers watch and laugh. Look girl, I don't want your man. Relax. Enjoy the show.....women are beautiful creatures. Maybe you can learn some sexy moves from watching me to impress your man with. He would probably like that....he he. Besides, that grinding you just did in public, I would never do. I only do it at work and I get paid to do it. Just sayin'. ;-)

3. The Cool Bi-Curious or Openly Bi Girlfriend (Or Single Girl) There To Have Fun

My favorite type of girl. These are the girls sitting at the stage, tipping, encouraging the dancers, and putting dollars on their friends. They’re fun, they buy dances, and they ask good questions. They are impressed by pole tricks. They love to either get double dances with their significant other or buy dances for him/her. They cheer and clap for the girls. They aren’t judgmental or catty.

Tatiana's input.....Yes I love these girls too. ❤ Girls are welcome to come to strip clubs if they are no drama and act cool.


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