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Annoying Guys That Visit Strip Clubs

Here is another entry that I borrowed from The Domino Effect . You can find her blog here

I know @AngryStripper has written something similar, but someone asked me about the most annoying guys that come into strip clubs, and I thought it was a good choice for a blog post.

The Ed Hardy Wearing Douchebag
This guy is usually the loud, drunken, obnoxious ringleader of lesser douchebags. He flaunts his Ed Hardy or Remetee proudly while reeking of Axe body spray. He demands the attention of the dancers and certainly doesn’t expect to pay for it. After all, isn’t that what the Axe is for?

Tatiana's input.....Sorry to break it to some of you guys but it is time to retire the Ed Hardy attire. If you just have to wear it, do so while mowing the lawn or changing the oil in your car. I actually like the way Axe smells. I'd rather get a whiff of Axe body spray than a stinky armpit.

The Suit
This guy plans out his trip to the strip club weeks in advance, plotting his every line. They think they’ll trick girls into thinking they have money by wearing a suit. Guys, we know you didn’t come from work at 11PM on a Saturday night in a college town. Also, we know the credit limit on the Capital One card in your wallet is $300.

Tatiana's input.....HA HA HA, YES! :-D

The Middle-Aged Condescending Golfer
He comes in with a small group of other golfers. You can spot him by his red polo shirt. He’s quick to act possessive and stalkerish. He talks loudly, and usually throws out references to current events that he doesn’t think the dancer will understand. She is, after all, a stupid stripper. Right?

Tatiana's input.....Ugh....I can't stand when people assume that I am stupid and I love it when I do put them back in their place by showing off my worldly skills and sophistication. The days of the "dumb stripper" are long gone. Sure, some girls are dumb but I have met my fair share of dumb guys too. Not everybody can be the sharpest tool in the shed you know.

The Pimp (or wannabe pimp)
This guy’s a gem. He wears baggy clothes, a baseball cap with stickers intact, and sometimes, bling necklaces and Air Jordans or something equivalent. He will try to convince you that you would make much more money just by being his girlfriend. This guy will fuck you sideways with beautiful lines, ladies.

Tatiana's input.....First of all, I do not like pimps and what they stand for whatsoever. I remember a few encounters I had with them while working at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas.
They, unsuccessfully of course, tried to lure me in with promises of Rolexes. I don't even wear a watch. The only Rolex I would be interested in is a quality MDMA pill called Rolex.

The Salesman
This guy is usually an upper middle class dude. He winces when you sit with him and says “Yeah, yeah, I know how it works, I’m in sales” and insists that you give him your best sales pitch. Of course, he probably won’t buy, but it may help if you insult him a bit. You have to be masochistic to be in sales.

The Pro Athlete
This guy is a celebrity, and he demands to be treated as such. In other words, he expects every woman in the club to fawn all over him. And dammit, he wants that attention for free! Chances are, he won’t buy a dance or tip you, but he’ll try to get you drunk so he can bring you back to his hotel room to rape you. Maybe that’s harsh; he might offer to pay for the sex.

Tatiana's input....Yes, some celebs assume that we will entertain them for free. I remember a certain rapper and his entourage being asked to leave the VIP room at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas after not wanting to pay the girls for lap dances. I caught on to this right away, I sat and chatted briefly with him and then I excused myself and moved on, he was not that cute or special. I mean, even Sting paid me to dance for him at Flashdancers NYC.

The Indian Guys
These guys usually come in pairs. Fresh from India, they sit at the stage and don’t tip. They try to touch you, and on the off chance that they do buy a dance, chances are they’ll pull out their cock and expect a blow job. Just remember that strip clubs in India are basically brothels.

Tatiana's input....True. Note the fresh from India, not Americanized Indian guys, they understand the whole strip club things and most of them are polite and delightful. But I know many girls that would not bother with the fresh from India guys for all the above reasons.


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Paul on :

Ouch! I recognize myself in more than one category ;-)

Tatiana on :

LOL!!! Really?
Let me fit into the pimp category?

Paul on :

Lol! I like girls too much to pimp them, will keep them to myself :-)

Ashwin Sashi on :

I have never seen an Indian guy at a strip club. Even the FOB Indians are not interested in white meat as soon as they land on western shores. They are still homesick and have a picture of an Indian women as their ideal dream girl, not a white one.

I find it hard to believe what you said here: "They try to touch you, and on the off chance that they do buy a dance, chances are they’ll pull out their cock and expect a blow job." Never, most Indian guys are virgin till their marriage. They lose their virginity at the age of 21 years old which is the latest in the entire world.

I do believe in stereotypes if they are true, but this one just ins't even nearly true.

I am pretty sure you are an Indian because it is only Indians who notice other Indians if they were at the strip club, and you must also be Americanised because you are trying to intentionally distance yourself from the FOB Indians just to make it seem that it the FOB who create this negative stereotype and you are not part of it.

I think the India Guy write up seems to be based on your own personal experiences. You must have been this FOB once and have changed to this Americanised version, hence you are really writing about your past, aren't you?

Tatiana on :

Thank You Mr Ashwin for your comment, I answered it in a separate entry that you can find here


Lucy on :

I have been groped by every single Indian guy I have given a dance to. Every. Single. One. This is after explaining club policies.

Tatiana on :

I know girls that will not ask Indian men for dances because of that......the aggressive groping is just too much.
Sorry if this might offend anyone but this is a fact.
I have personally met really cool people from India, inside and outside of the strip clubs.

Carla on :

Tatiana: As you are probably aware, I am school teacher so I don't have experiences with random men in the strip clubs BUT like most girls, from high school on, I have gone to many dances and when dancing with random guys I have been groped and exposed to "russian" hands and "roman" fingers from time to time. I was a waitress at several jobs when going to college and my butt and legs were patted just about every shift (particularly morning breakfast at a coffee shop that was frequented by truckers and blue collar workers) ... but a grin and a smile brought a large tip so I usually went along with it unless it got really aggressive.

Along with a friend of mine we sometimes go to the local Sons of Norway Scandia Lodge for their dances on Sunday evenings. Even in a more formal and fun environment like that there are some guys that get carried away. I was dancing with this older gentleman, perhaps 75 or 80 years old that couldn't keep his hands off of my butt and on the slow dances he always pressed himself into my boobs. My friend had the same experience with him.... the poor old guy could hardly walk so we put up with it. Perhaps it was the high point of his week. LOL

Changing the subject: There were traditional Scandinavian dances as well as the waltz and swing. After the dancing there is always a Finger Food Potluck with many bringing typical Scandinavian treats. Cardamom-Cinnamon Rolls, Lefse, Svenska Pepperkaker, Krumkake, Aebelskiver, Risipuuro and many others. My favorite was the Cardamom Cinnamon Rolls. The lady that usually makes those has started giving me a small bag of them for me to take home. Yummy.
Do you cook and make any of your favorite Polish and Swedish foods and treats?
Have a great day...

Tatiana on :

I don't like any unwelcome or aggressive groping.
When I go dancing to regular clubs and guys approach me I always tell them to back off. Because almost all of them try to get too close. I can't stand it. If they don't understand words I will physically push them away from me.
Oh yes.....I know about the Swedish cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar), sooooo good!
I don't really cook though.
I buy my pierogis frozen at the Polish deli.
I'm lazy!

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