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Dressing Room Etiquette

Once in a while I come across another dancer's blog. Newsflash.......I am not the only dancer that writes you know! ;-) A notable one would be Diablo Cody, a former dancer that wrote the book Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper and the award winning movie, Juno . So this girl dominoxxx is a cam girl and a dancer. Her blog, The Domino Effect is full of good stuff and I found some entries so on point and/or interesting that I am going to copy a few to my blog so you can enjoy them too. BUT note this, I did not write them, dominoxxx did, she gets the credit. What I will do is add my own input to it where I feel the need. So here is the first out of a few that I will share here. About dressing room etiquette.....

1. Keep to Yourself

If you don’t know the club staff or the other dancers, keep to yourself. Don’t be rude, but don’t inject yourself into others’ conversations. Only speak when spoken to, especially in the dressing room.

Tatiana's input......I have been the new girl to clubs a few times when I travel. Some girls are clicky and not welcoming to new girls (after all you are a rival in many ways, especially if you happen to look good too) and some are very welcoming. People tend to feel each other out a bit in the beginning, that's normal. Just like with any job place I guess. But yes, I think keeping to yourself and being polite the first couple of nights is a good rule to follow.

2. Borrowing Things

If you forgot something you need, live without it for the night. Make a note of what you need and put it in your bag when you get home. If it’s something you can’t live without, like a tampon, ask the housemom (if there is one) or ask another dancer, but ALWAYS OFFER TO TIP HER. Frame it like this: “Can I give you a bucks for a tampon?”. Yeah, a buck is expensive for a tampon.. but living in peace with your coworkers is priceless. The same rule applies for borrowing a flat iron, baby wipes, phone charger, body spray, makeup, etc.

3. ALWAYS Ask Before Using Another Dancer’s Stuff

In addition to offering money to use someone else’s stuff, always, always, always ask before you touch someone else’s things.

Tatiana's input.....I agree. If I don't know the girl then I would never just grab somebody's stuff (make up, hair spray, perfume etc.) and use it, that would be rude. Besides, I don't like using other people's make up and perfume, I have my own but you never know when you might need something. Yes, always ask. I would not be happy if some girl I don't know would rummage through my make up bag and use my lip gloss. Yuck!

4. NEVER Touch A Dancer’s Money

The one exception is if she dropped it and you are picking it up to help her. If you’re splitting tips from a shower show and you’re both counting it, that’s different, too. But if a dancer leaves her money unattended on the dressing room table, do not touch it.

Tatiana's input.....Yes, do NOT touch another dancer's money. Especially if you do not know the girl. If I know you and trust you, I don't mind if you move my money to the side. But I usually keep very good track of my money and my stuff at work. Organized.

5. Don’t Leave Your Money & Valuables Unattended

People steal. It reflects poorly on you if you’re willing to leave something valuable unattended. The same rule applies to phones and expensive perfume or makeup. If it’s worth money, lock it up.

6. Don’t Ask How Much Other Dancers Are Making

Just don’t do it – it’s rude in normal life, and it’s rude in the dressing room. If other girls are openly talking about how much they earn, feel free to listen, but remember that a lot of dancers tend to exaggerate their earnings. I advise against talking about how much you’ve earned. Jealousy sometimes leads to sabotage. Also, don’t complain about how much you haven’t made. Get your ass out of the dressing room, because you’re not going to make any money bitching about not making money.

Tatiana's input.....I will talk to the girls I know about money. We do this, if it is bad we will complain to each other. But I am very well aware that girls constantly exaggerate how much they make to......I guess make themselves feel better about themselves? They bank every night when in reality they made about $ 240. LOL. It's called stripper chatter another girl told me once. Dancer's that just talk but nothing they say makes any sense. Some people are like that. If I have a bad night I have a bad night, it is what it is.

7. Keep Your Compliments Genuine

If you truly like a girl’s nails or hair, tell her so. Keep the fakeness to a minimum.

Tatiana's input....I absolutely agree. I am allergic to fakeness and can't stand fake compliments. I can usually tell when girls are genuine or fake. They change their tone of voice when they are fake. I never give fake compliments, what's the point? I don't need to make friends that bad, besides who wants a fake friend anyways?
One more thing I want to add here is that it really irks me when girls feel the need to whispers to each other when others girls are present. That is such Kindergarten behavior, you should had outgrown that stage already. If you share a secret that nobody else can know, go to a private area or wait until nobody is around. It makes others feel weird when people whisper around them.

8. If Someone Asks To Borrow Something

If someone asks to borrow something inconsequential, like a bobby pin, sure, give it to them. There are usually a few dancers that are chronically unprepared and will try to leech. Whether it’s a cigarette, hairspray, phone charger, whatever.. this gets old fast. Some dancers keep things with them that they sell to other dancers at a premium. This can come in handy on slow nights.

9. Stay In Your Area

Don’t spread your dance stuff all over the dressing table. Don’t leave your stuff where stiletto-clad dancers can trip. Clean up after yourself.

Tatiana's input.....Messy girls are annoying. We all share space, often not a very large space. Some girls spread their stuff all over with no concern for others. Very selfish. Always throw away your trash, your Mom is not present, be an adult and clean up after yourself. Also I do not like when people smoke around me (if smoking is allowed in the club) in the dressing room. It is gross trying to touch up your make up or freshen up while somebody is smoking nearby. Go smoke inside the club. And flush the toilet after you and wipe up the pee drip off the toilet seat.

10. If The Housemom Brings Food

And you eat it, tip her. She buys that food with her own money, the club doesn’t give her a stipend. If you eat the housemom’s food, tip her. Otherwise, you’re a leech and it’s a dick move.

11. Don’t Talk Shit To/About Other Dancers

Even if you hate them. No matter how much they try to fight with you, don’t engage. Walk away. Especially if there’s drunkenness involved. Also, don’t talk shit about dancers to customers. It looks desperate and trashy. And don’t think customers don’t tell other dancers – they do. Sometimes they even start it to get their rocks off.

Tatiana's input.....Have I ever trash talked girls I work with to other girls? Yes, I have. Of course. But I keep the trash talking in between me and the girls I consider to be my friends. If I don't know you I am not going to strike up a conversation with you and bad mouth other girls.
I'd rather not talk at all then. Yes, certain girls I don't like, it is more their BEHAVIOR at work I don't agree with. As far as talking bad about dancer's to random guys that come in. That is not ok. IF I consider the guy a friend (there are a few that fall into that category) they might hear some of my opinions about other girls now and then. Also, if I have something bad to say about a girl I will not be fake and pretend to be her friend either. I will be polite enough but indifferent.

12. Don’t Take Photos Unless You Have Permission

If you’re taking selfies in the dressing room and you’re planning on sending them to someone or putting them on a social networking site, make sure you have the express permission from every person in the photo. Not everyone is “out” about their dancing.

13. If You Ruin Something, Replace It

If you spill a girl’s drink, ruin a g-string, or somehow damage her flat iron or something, replace it. It’s the polite thing to do.

14. Don’t Touch A Dancer Without Her Permission

This goes for guys and girls alike.

15. Trust No One

Check out dominoxxx's blog here


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