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Perfect Cup

Drove in to town today to get some stuff that I can't live without......a latte and a chocolate covered custard filled donut. Stopped by Pye Wackets and found this perfect cup, it must have been made just for me! ;-)

I bought this faerie sleeping on a mushroom. Added her to my large collection of faeires, mermaids, mushrooms, Buddha, Kwan Yin and Ganesh statues, crystals etc that I have in between here (Kenai) and Las Vegas. When I figure out, hopefully sometimes soon, where I am settling, my future house will be decorated with all that stuff and it is going to look amaaaazing!

Then I came home, ate and mopped the floor downstairs. This Goddess likes a clean house. Cleanliness is next to Godliness after all. Right? Haven't decided if I am working tonight. is Sunday and I tend to feel too lazy to work on Sundays. It's beautiful outside, me and Chhaya are going for a walk now.


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