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Since I have a guest here, Angelica, I have to show her some of the beautiful sights around here. We drove to Anchorage last Wednesday, it takes about three hours to drive there from Kenai. We stopped to pee and admire the gorgeous views of Tern Lake by Cooper Landing.

Then we went to Girdwood to hike the Hand Tram Trail. I have not hiked that in a while and the place I remembered the trail head started was totally overgrown so we squeezed through the thick foliage Bear Grylls (we like him, that is a very SEKSI man!) style until we saw signs for the trail.

I tell everybody about this hike, it is gorgeous and leads to a nice size lively creek that you can either hike down to and if you turn right you end up right across from a pretty waterfall. Or if you are brave, I am scared of heights so I am not that brave, you can get in the tram and pull yourself across the creek while suspended high up in the air. The tram is taken off the rope for repairs now but it is still a great hike. You need to do it if you come to this part of the world. Tatiana told you so!

How to get there? When you drive to Girdwood look for Crow Creek Mine Road on your left. Turn there and continue on a bumpy dirt road. You will see signs for different hikes. You can park at the Iditarod Trail or Winner Creek Trail and follow the signs to your left.

Later in the evening it was Bush Company time for more beautiful sights......!

The next day, lunch at Moose's Tooth. I had the pesto pizza and a rhubarb crisp with ice cream. SO yummy!

Then some sightseeing downtown. There are bears walking around on the streets in Alaska, you knew that right?

A walk by Earthquake Park with great views of the surroundings.

On the way out of Anchorage we stopped at Beluga Point for some pictures.

Another stop in Girdwood, just because it's so pretty there.

I guess you can rent mountain bikes there now and take two of the ski lifts up the mountain and then bravely bike down, it looks like lots of fun but nothing I was prepared for that day. You need to wear some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or torn and a helmet. I also want to hike up The North Face Trail up the mountain by the Alyeska Resort, if you hike up you can take the aerial tram down for free. Sounds like fun!

We also stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see all the cuties that live there, like these two moose busy eating.

A great couple of days with memorable adventures!


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