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New Honey Dews tonight, blue with a darker blue lace trim and a small bow in the front.
I wanted to show you how my body chain comes together in the back, it looks very pretty but it's difficult to take a photo of by myself.

So once in a while all of us have to go on stage at a herd of sheep (BAAAAAAA) to entertain the people in the club. One of the rules in the club is NO touching other girls while on stage well, tonight many of the girls must had been tipsy and kept on grabbing each other. So the money we all got tipped while up there, instead of getting to split it, Diann (boss lady) decided that we would donate it, as a form of "punishment" And guess what, it all got donated to my spay and neuter fund, Charlie signed the check. $ 120. Not bad. :-)
Here is Charlie with the fund jar and the check.

It's a little after 5 am and I am tired, I got up early this morning (well yesterday morning to be exact) the I drove from Anchorage to Kenai and then I worked, so I need to sleep now......


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Juliana on :

Those Honey Dews are the CUTEST!!
Oh my, and thank heaven for our Eastern
European ancestors! :-)
we can work that tushy and look great doing it.
Super pics, girl...
As for Charlie, the club and donation,
thank him & Diann from me and all
animal lovers out there.
Have a great Sunday-
Love you, Tati

Tatiana on :

I will tell them Thanks from you!
Yes, I am thanking my Polish ancestors mixed with the blood of Genghis Khan that my tushy looks good in Honey Dew's. LOL!
You have a nice Sunday as well!

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