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More EDC Pics

Although the music was basically awful at EDC it was still fun to people watch. The vibe was still present and alive and everybody, regardless of color, looks and size (even handicap) got along and were there together.
The EDCs I used to go to in LA were absolutely amazing . There was an actual HOUSE area.
I know I keep on yakking about the HOUSE music but if you know that rhythm and love it you KNOW what I am talking about, no need to explain anything else. EDC Chicago had five stages, on the two main ones they played the same crap. Sorry AVICII I know you are popular and all.......even from Sweden but whatever, him and the rest of those guys who are "the big name" dj's right now are not good. I'd rather go to a Justin Bieber concert. I feel somewhat bad for the kids at the massive raves now for they do not know what they are really missing out on. Anyhow......enough of that. EDC had rides, the fireworks and girls dressed in panties and tutu's, even though it was freezing. Here are some of the pics I took.......

In love at the party.

The Teletubbies were out having fun!

Super cute girls!

Almost naked very skinny guy that was dancing up a storm. He was quite entertaining.

We met the cutest little boy, he SAID he was 20.......(I think maybe younger). We tried scaring him with telling him that we were going to rape him and sit on his face. LOL. The things girls can get away with. ;-) Imagine if you walked up to some random girl and blurted out something like that. But instead of getting scared he wanted to know when and where.
Talk about feeling like a child molester.


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Angelica on :

Yes sad but true the music SUCKED!!! And the weather was nasty too!! Thankfully we are in Chicago where house music is alive in the club scene!

Tatiana on :

Let's go clubbing!

Tatiana on :

Let's go clubbing!

Juliana on :

Hi Tatiana!
Glad you're having a good time , on what seems to be a rather interesting trip with some colorful memories to take home.
Sorry the music sucked at EDC...yeah, music isn't what it used to be back in the day. I think when I was DJing I was lucky to experience some of the best electronic music the industry had to offer everyone. Now a lot of it is either really aggro or kinda cheesy and too commercial sounding. But, to each his own.

Anyway, thanks for all the great pics you posted. And b.t.w...I
LOVED those cute Hello Kitty makeup bags. And the "Bitches Gotta Eat" tip jar. Too funny.
Love & hugs,

Tatiana on :

You pretty much summed it up, aggro, cheesy and commercial. Although I did find some good music here and at last EDC I went to in Vegas.
But each his own.

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