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EDC Second Night

Eeeeehhhhhhh........NOT SO MUCH would be how I would describe and sum up last night. First of all I did dress warm enough, jeans, two hoodies, gloves. I even walked around with the hood over my head and a bandana covering my mouth because of the cold. I got mistaken for a guy twice because of that, LOL, that was the first and I like that! :-D
I have never been to a party where I could not show off my cute shirt and accessories, this was the first. We were both wearing the pink HAPPY shirts underneath. AND.......the music SUCKED. Where was the HOUSE music? Hello.......this is Chicago after all. HOUSE music and Chicago go hand in hand. We walked around in the cold between the different stages trying to catch some good music so we could dance because after all that is what we came for, the music and the dancing. I don't need any E or Molly, I love to dance and can basically go all night. The music was was too trancey, long melodic breakdowns filled with church sounding singing, lots of video game and robot like sounds. Crazy! I know what I like when it comes to music at raves and I am picky. Just standing with thousands of people, squished like sardines, bopping up and down won't cut it for me. BUT it was still fun to people watch and dance the few times we actually did bust some moves. And the fireworks show was amazing, good job EDC!

Check out this amazing pic of the moon and the beam from the stage. Tatiana, master photographer at your service!

This was my SEKSI outfit for the evening. I actually liked covering my face like this, I think I am going to make use of a bandana over my face more.

Met two guys while dancing that wanted to adopt me, one of them thought my backpack was a BUG. He asked "What is that on your back?" When I told him it was my backpack he said that he though it was a bug. LOL. meet some funny people at raves. My backpack is the cutest, it has a deer on it and a mushroom.

We stayed until the end last night. BUT I am not sure if I want to go and do the whole thing again tonight. And that is the first time I have ever said that about a rave.


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