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I am at the airport waiting for my flight. Destination Chicago. This will be my first time visiting Chicago. I miss Chhaya already, I don't like being away from her, I am having major separation anxiety. :-(
I don't like traveling at all, unless it is a road trip by car. That's fun. Flying is not fun.
But I am geared up for the flight, magazines and a new book that looks promising, Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende. Then I am going to sleep, I always get a window seat so I can lean against the wall, I wrap myself up in a large cashmere scarf and nod off. I can sleep everywhere, even inside a speaker with loud and heavy bass at a rave if I have to.
I know I have lots of fans in Chicago......therefore I am going to take some time out of my busy schedule and do a meet and greet at Barbara's Bookstore at the Sear's Tower this coming Monday at 2 pm. Autographs and pictures. See you there! Bring me $$$ I need to go shopping. ;-) :-D
It's almost time to board. Got to go.


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