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Pedicure & Pizza

I had a pedicure yesterday, at a place in Kenai called Nail Boutique, my first time there. It was better than the place in Soldotna that I went to like twice. The first time I went there some lazy girl did my pedicure, she was so lethargic, moved slooooow and looked totally uninterested and did a bad job. The second time I went there I asked for her brother, he did a better job but not good enough for me to stay. So I decided on trying Nail Boutique. I am picky with my pedicures. I want a good job on the cuticles, square cut toes and a good foot massage, at least two coats of polish and a topcoat. I always bring my own polish. The lady today did an ok job. The massage kind of sucked, it is hard to find somebody that does a good job on that part. When they do I am sold! And she kept on answering the phone, taking appointments. I hate that. It is disruptive and rude. I always tip $ 10 on a pedicure, more if they do a great job. I still have to find a place around here that does a great job instead of a halfway decent one.

I had some pizza the other day, Margherita. I love pizza, it's like the prefect food, simple yet delicious. In a few days I am going to see what the pizza in Chicago is all about. I am going to stuff myself with pizza and Polish food. Then dance it off at EDC.

Funny thing happened at work tonight. Some guy recognized me from Whispers in Williston. He had only been to two clubs in his whole life, last year at Whispers and here tonight. And I was there both times and he recognized me (of course). It's a small world. Both clubs in Williston (Heartbreakers and Whispers) recently lost their liquor licenses. Whispers for a shorter time than Heartbreakers. I have heard that there are too many girls in both clubs and that you have to keep a distance from the guys when you do dances and that the money has dried up significantly. This is just what I have heard, I don't know for sure. I still get e mails and comments on the blogs I wrote about the clubs from girls that want to know how they can get a job there. I don't know, I haven't been there since last year and I don't have any plans to go back at the moment. Sitting around at a small club with 20 + other girls with not enough guys does not sound appealing to me. I might as well stay where I am or go somewhere new.
It also snowed here the other night. The cold is sticking around. Today when I was walking Chhaya it was so windy and cold that I felt sorry for myself. Then I heard about the tornado in Oklahoma and all the people that lost their lives. I no longer felt sorry for myself. I felt really bad for the people in Oklahoma instead. How terrible. I can't even imagine going through something like that. One day you go about your normal life and the next your house is ripped apart by a tornado and you wonder if your loved ones are dead or alive. Crazy.


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