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Night Time

It is the night between Sunday and Monday, 1 15 am to be specific. I am such a night person. I got up at 10 am today and the first thing I did was to take Chhaya outside and made a bed for myself on the patio and snoozed outside for a few hours. I needed more rest for some reason. Plus I really like to sleep outside when I can. When the afternoon rolled around I finally felt energized enough to start my day. I did such exciting things today as going to the dump with a bunch of trash, very glamorous! Got a latte, so luxurious! I always sprinkle cinnamon on my latte.

Got food, watched tv and started a late night cleaning endeavor. All my energy comes at night time. Now I am finally in bed. I have a new book to read. Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra .
New week tomorrow or today to be correct since it is Monday. Some people get really excited over Mondays, like "Yeeeehaw, a new week is here and I am getting all kinds of stuff done". To me, the days don't matter.


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Annette on :

I love the pic of the book with the moon in the back looks surreal! Jax and I are visiting my home in KS it's beautiful weather here...and thunderstorms ( which I love). BTW I wish I looked like that when I wake up;-)

Tatiana on :

I wish I looked like that when I wake up too! LOL.
Kansas? Thunderstorms? I hope no bad storms where you are at.....

Annette on :

I wrote that the day before Oklahoma got hit....Wichita, KS is part of what is called Tornado Alley. Once one blew out all the windows of my car except one. I was running up the stairs into the Mall as it came out of the sky. I dreamed about that for a long time. Have fun in Chicago!

Tatiana on :

I have never experienced a tornado. Scary! I have been through a few smaller earthquakes and a volcano here in AK erupted a few years back but nothing happened.

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