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Critical Thinking

When I drive to work I spend the time listening to Coast To Coast AM. Sometimes the show is so captivating that I wish I was home instead so I could listen to the whole thing instead of only the 20 minutes or so it takes to get to work. Last night they talked about Angelia Jolie's recent double mastectomy. She had both of her breasts removed because she supposedly did some testing and found out that she carries some gene that can possibly cause breast cancer. I have read that the chances of her developing breast cancer were calculated to be as high as 87%. That is a very high number.
What would you do? Would you have your breasts removed because there is a chance that you might get cancer or would you live your life and worry about removing your breasts or get treatment only after you find out that you did indeed get cancer and the removal would be necessary? I would probably go with the latter alternative. I have also heard that 1 in 2 men will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime and
1 in 3 women. Human kind faces a bleak future. Also, mammograms (utilizing a machine that scans the breasts to find possible lumps) emits bad radiation into your body. It is recommended for women to start getting regular mammograms at around age 40 or 50, depending on where you live. Also chemotherapy, a form of aggressive cancer treatment, it's number one side effect is cancer itself. So chemo fights cancer but it can also give you cancer. Does that make any sense? How does all of this tie into Angelina? Well, as a very well known actress and public figure with lots of recognition due to her stunning looks (I think she is crushingly gorgeous), much talked about relationship and children and also her global charity work, she choose to share her mastectomy ordeal with the public. Just because OR is there an underlying reason? How does her revelation stand against ObamaCare and the large corporations that make big money by people having cancer and getting various cancer treatments?
Is there a connection? Some people think that she underwent her mastectomy for some other reasons than just personal. And I think they made many interesting and valid points when I listened briefly to what was said on Coast To Coast AM last night while driving to work.
Can we find a cure in nature itself by living a healthy life and eating non processed clean food? I think so. I think that the cases of cancer would drop dramatically if people lived healthier. I know I eat crappy food sometimes. Probably more than I am aware of or want to admit to myself. Most foods in the grocery stores are genetically modified. That is why I LOVE Whole Foods, it is my FAVE store. Organic IS the way and should be the only kind of food sold to us. Why should we be fed poisonous and modified food? Where is the logic behind that? I limit my meat intake but I am not a vegan. I have that daily latte and I eat ice cream and yoghurt. I know that the majority of milk cows live horrible lives but I still consume the milk they produce. THANK YOU beautiful cows, somewhere inside of me my soul cries for those cows and all the other animals that suffer to feed us, clothe us, bathe us and make up our faces. I can never ever become as pure as an animal, that is how I feel. I am a consuming and destructive human, driven by my ego. The cows are getting fed grain, GMO grain. They are also fed animal by products, absolutely unnatural and it causes them to get sick. We eat their meat and drink the milk they produce. Of course we will get sick from eating sick cows.
Or chickens, or pigs. One of the diseases we get is cancer. There is not a huge profit for pharmaceutical companies if people could cure themselves from nature. It's all about money and greed. People are selling their souls. I think that nature holds the cure to all of our diseases but we live out of sync with nature. But then I can only imagine getting the dire news of cancer and having to choose between the chemo and the drugs, something most physicians will steer you towards, since it is all about profit or be brave and try to go the natural way and cure myself through food and exercise.
The best thing of course is to not get cancer in the first place. Even people that live a seemingly healthy life get cancer, because of our environment, there is poison everywhere. Food, cigarette smoke, GMO's, fluoride, cleaning products, carpeting, building materials, pollution, living a stressful life and the list goes on.......
Some people believe that we live in the time of Enlightenment. I do too, we will become aware more and more how much we have been lied to by the government. That is the enlightenment, the realization that we have been kept in the dark, poisoned and pushed down, turned against each other to divide us. Divide and conquer. Where is the REAL freedom in that? We are led to believe that we are free, to keep us calm, to control us. Because if you really think about it, we are not as free as we think we are.
There have even been talks of censoring the internet, some countries practice that.
I believe that humans can live to be well over a healthy and alert 100, instead we wilt up and die around 75 - 80, (life expectancy also depends on where you live). We end up getting sick with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Why is that? Does the government aka Big Brother prevent us from living and reaching our full capacity? I know that these issues are mind boggling and difficult to think about. It is easier to go through the McDonald's drive through (a very busy place here), turn on the tv and zone out. That is what we do, work, eat, sleep, pay taxes and zone out. Thinking and especially critical thinking is not encouraged. It can also be dangerous. But I do believe that we are awakening slowly and becoming more aware of what's going on.

I like places like Hippocrates Health Institute, look
Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


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