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Body Issues

Friday again, it feels like it was Friday just yesterday.......
I am going to write this, then run off to the gym for some cardio. I like how sweaty I get after 30 minutes on the elliptical. As you might know I read about ten other blogs besides writing my own. I read Swedish blogs, I like it, it is fun and interesting for the most part. That is why YOU read my blog right? Because I am so fun and interesting? ;-) I do not always agree with what those other bloggers write about or do, some of them are young and immature, some are kind of dumb. One girl is only 19 and I almost feel like her Mom when I read about her crazy antics and problems. And I do not expect or think that anyone that reads my blog should agree with everything I have to say and my opinions. I have opinions about pretty much everything and some of my opinions are kind of harsh, I know this. I can be judgmental but at least I am aware of it and have no problem with admitting to that. Sometimes my opinions and views on certain issues change depending on if I experience something in my life that affects this and sometimes I just change my mind about something, it's as simple as that.
Life is a constant change after all, kind of scary. Sometimes I just want things to be the way they are, it would feel much safer like that.
I noticed that in the Swedish blog world it is almost frowned upon if you write about going to the gym or put up a pic of yourself at the gym. God forbid if you put up a pic of yourself that shows a lot of skin and you happen to be on the skinny side. Then all the girls with "body issues" and insecurities chime in and talk about how difficult it is to see somebody that is skinnier than them and that it gives them anxiety and makes them feel bad about themselves. I don't get that. Some people are skinny. Some people are chunky. Some people are fat. Some people are fit. Whatever. I do not feel bad over the fact that I go to the gym or run and that I am skinny (I guess I would be considered by most to be "skinny"). Why should I feel bad or ashamed over that? So it would be better if I was 200 lbs and shared pics of myself in a sports bra at the gym or squeezed into my outfits at work? Because then fewer women would feel bad about themselves? Because if you are size large then you are large and proud? But if you are size skinnier then you should hide that not to step on the larger women's toes? Plus I don't think that being skinny automatically makes you good looking either. I like thicker girls, I think that's sexy. There are plenty of girls out there that are skinnier, prettier, fitter, have nicer boobs, a perkier butt etc etc than me. And I don't care. I am me. I like myself the way I am, for the most part. I have my bad days and I have days when I think that I am super amazing (most days, ha ha!). Plus it is not all about appearance anyways. DUH! I like going to the gym. Not always but I like how I feel afterwards. I like going for a run, getting sweaty and breathing in the fresh air deep into my lungs. I don't understand why some people are so sensitive? When there are more serious issues to get upset over. Like animal abuse.
Yes, there are times when other people's appearance bother me. Like when women work out at the gym in shorts that barely cover their ass. Or guys with shorts that barely cover their balls. Kind of gross. There is a time and place for certain things.
I don't go grocery shopping in my bra and panty set that I wear at work. What would that accomplish exactly? I don't need that kind of attention because I am not insecure.
Well.....I need to get going. I know I said yesterday that I was going to give my amazing readers (YOU) a Hustler style pic of myself. LOL. I don't even have pics like that of myself, not really my style. Even at work I keep it rather "classy", as classy as you can get in a strip club. You would know the difference if you visited a club and observed the girls for a while. Some are not so classy. We are all different.
But I have this pic. This is what I look like when I wake up. Not. ;-)

Photographer KANE


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