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Light Out

I love that it is light out late now. I went for a walk with Chhaya a little after 11 PM, just me and her on the road, a darkish blue and gray sky and a bright slice of the moon.
Everything was quiet except some birds making sounds. I love walking at dusk.
The disappointing thing about this whole light until late Alaska nights is that June 21 the days will become shorter again. And it just now started warming up. And feeling somewhat like Spring.
I started reading a new book by Nell Freudenberger, The Newlyweds . I like books that take you into other people's culture. This one does. So far it is holding my interest.
Last night at work started excruciatingly slow......I think Mother's Day weekend is a slow weekend overall for strip clubs. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving was always an ok night to work in Vegas. I had to work two New Years Eves due to scheduling before and I hate working on New Years Eve. It just feels wrong. So we sat around for hours last night doing nothing. I can't stand being bored at work. I can be bored at home, sprawled out on my bed. But at work, that is a waste of my time and effort. So I was singing and acting like a clown.
Entertaining myself and everybody else watching. I think I have a slight bout of Tourette's syndrome, I can't just sit there without making any noise. Unless I am reading, sleeping or being occupied with my laptop. Finally some people showed up. Two groups of guys that were kind of fun. I made a little more than I predicted last night and I had to do some dances, it would not had been nice of me to turn the guys down since they asked me.
Speaking of about Sylvia Browne and her wrongful psychic predictions? Telling people their loved ones are dead when they were alive. How embarrassing. I wouldn't show myself in public if I were her for a while. I don't know about psychics......I think they exist but that it is difficult to find a credible one instead of somebody just telling you a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I went to a few. More for fun than anything else. A woman in Denver was especially entertaining. Her name was Leslie and she thought that I needed to return to her for a spiritual bath that she was going to charge me more than $ 200 for. Funny thing is that my friend Julia went to her a few days before I did and Leslie told her pretty much the same stuff she told me, including the urgent need to have that bath. You can read about that if you write Leslie into my search bar. Well, I am cheap (sometimes) I can give myself bath at home with some Epsom salt and make it spiritual and cleansing, for free. I do believe in intuition and that some people are more in tune with that side within themselves than others.
My Mom has great intuition. She also dreams certain things before something of importance or something that involves a big change happens. Also, one time a Gypsy told my Mom some things about her future that did happen years later. She got names and events right.
How about that?
It is Sunday night, I am in bed with Chhaya. I am going to take a bath soon and pour argan oil in my hair and massage it into my scalp and sleep with it overnight. And put a mask on my face and slather lotion all over myself. Better get started.


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