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PMS makes me feel like a zombie. I am soooooo tired, I just want to sleep and eat.
My boobs are swollen and sore. It is a gray and somewhat rainy day here......again YEAY, that makes me want to hibernate in bed all day. I even fell asleep the last two nights after work without washing off my make up first, woke up with smeared brown eyeshadow and crusty mascara. Now I sound like a boring fogbone myself, all I complain about lately is that I am tired and how bad the weather is. I should move to Queens and join some canasta or bingo club with the rest of the yentas and retire.
I promised myself yesterday that I would go for a run today. We'll see about that promise. A refreshing run in light rain doesn't seem appealing but I might force myself anyway because I know that it will wake me up. I still have to work tonight although I really do not feel an ounce of motivation to even bother with that. Even if I only shuffle around slowly on stage while holding onto the pole I can probably take home at least
$180. And I can discretely hide my yawns with my hair. No need to talk to anyone,
I can snooze on the couch in between going on stage. Too tired for talking and doing dances, stage only. Then I can stay home tomorrow night with ice cream and The Apprentice. I want Lil Jon to win, he seems nice. Or Lisa Rinna. She seems sweet.
But Penn Jillette might be the winner of this season.
Look I found a pic of me and my boobs (!), one of many. The photographer wanted me to be "creative" with some ribbon he had. He also had a collection of brightly colored feathers he wanted me to hold up against my face. And pose with some horrible green and burgundy drapes. You never know, sometimes ideas like that might come out looking good, other times.....not so much. The feathers and drapes fell into the category of not so much.

I took these last year with Barry Gallegos, I had a vision and brought a ribbon.

I think I might take a 20 minute nap now and then go running. My life is so exhausting........ ;-)


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