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At Work

Hi from me at work. I just finished singing along obnoxiously loud to Adele and Christina Aguilera. Who doesn't sing along to Adele? Besides that I am kind of bored, it has been boring and slow here lately. I am fantasizing about what I am going to eat tomorrow. Either a big sandwich full of veggies or some pizza. There is a girl that works here that is so pathetic. The way she works. How she is desperately trying to get that lap dance. Doing things that are embarrassing. I am watching and laughing. If I would put in all that "effort" (for a lack of a better word) I would expect to make at least $ 500 on a slow night. But I think, "You want a dance" should be sufficient. Or, "You need".
I also have some very original lines but I will tell you about them another time.
Original in a fun way, not in a desperate kind of way. Desperate = sad. I am glad that doesn't apply to me.


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